The port of the mask compared to the smoking ban

Le port du masque comparé à l’interdiction de fumer

While the port of the mask in enclosed public places becomes mandatory in Saturday in Quebec, experts compare this measurement to those related to smoking, increasing the protection of workers before the argument of individual freedoms relied on by the opponents of the covers-face.

According to the work of three university professors, published in theAmerican Journal of Preventive Medicine, the port of the cover face is a “fundamental protection for the health” in order to stop the spread of the COVID-19 among workers of shops, restaurant and other public places.

“The COVID-19, such as tobacco smoke, endangering the air quality and the health of workers who may be exposed to it for hours. Require that people wear masks is a form of protection in the working environment”, said Michael Vuolo, co-author of the article and associate professor of sociology at the University of Ohio State.

The account of the proceedings has been reported by theOhio State News, the website covering the news of the campus.

The research Vuolo focus on the effectiveness of smoking bans. The article in question was also written by Brian Kelly, professor of sociology at Purdue University and expert in health policy, as well as by Vincent Roscigno, professor of sociology at the University of Ohio State, whose field of study focuses on the work and rights of workers.

Same old same old

Teachers recall that the main argument of the opponents to the port of the mask, is that he forfeits the freedom of the individual, is the same as that invoked in the past by those who were refractory to the laws banning smoking in public places.

“But even the philosophies the most stringent on the freedom of the individual to recognize that these freedoms stop when they begin to do harm to others,” said Vuolo.

To Vuolo, “it is clear that the COVID-19 is a threat to workers who may be exposed to it. Wearing a mask can help minimize this threat.”

The article mentions that there is also an issue of fairness and equality. Several services workers, and retail sales are people who earn lower wages and who may also be part of ethnic minorities.

Danger invisible

“The risk from smoking is clear. But the workers do not know who may have the COVID-19 and who has not. This makes the requirements of mask for all the world, even more important, ” stressed Vuolo, for which the COVID-19 induced hazards more misleading than smoking.

Vuolo believes that it is important to remember how the smoking bans were controversial when first implemented, but now they are no longer called into question.

“The wearing of a mask may seem like a nuisance, like having to go out to smoke can seem like a nuisance. But both are a small inconvenience compared to the rights of workers to a safe working environment,” said Vuolo.

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