The potatoes in the “uniform” Kyiv through Minsk hooked on Russian root

Картошка в «мундире»: Киев через Минск подсел на российский корнеплод

This year Ukraine has to buy potatoes in other countries, and a significant portion of the imports come from Russia. In the Square our vegetables, of course, falls under the guise of Belarusian and scatters at a price four times higher than the purchase.

In November, neighbors have established a record and imported 46 thousand tons of “kartopli”. And from July to November, the import of root reached 188,4 thousand tons. Is 700 (!) times more than in the same period of the previous year.

The farmers show — season they have turned out to be barren. That’s what this bill says head of Union of Ukrainian selyanstva Ivan Tomic: “the Main, Western and Northern region lost crops due to heavy rains, hail. Then developed diseases of potato. Then I died from the rain and illness, burnt out on the sun. South potato is not decisive. The bulk is harvested in the North and West of the country. In Central Ukraine the yield of potatoes below one and a half times”.In the end, the cost of a kilogram of potatoes in July—August in the Ukrainian retail amounted to 20-25 UAH (more than 60 Russian rubles). The absolute record of power!

Картошка в «мундире»: Киев через Минск подсел на российский корнеплод

Due to the rising cost of local legendary potato soup is slowly but surely moved into the category of “festive meals”. According to the Newspaper.Roux, in October the cost of the kit to make borscht reached in Kiev 230,41 Russian rubles with pork and 243,14 rubles with the beef.

But the opinion of the Director of development of Ukrainian fruit & vegetable Association Katerina Zvereva: “the Import of potatoes from Russia to Ukraine at the moment it becomes an incredibly profitable business in Russia, according to our data, it is possible to buy even at 8-9 US cents per kg, while in Ukraine it is sold exactly four times more expensive! Even with the cost of re-export through Belarus and transport, the income of the importer very good, which means that the imports will only grow if the price of potatoes will hold at such a high level.”

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