The potential of the SCO will strengthen



Three forces of evil will fight the countries of the Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO). Has finished in Bishkek SCO summit. It resulted in a joint Declaration. Details from the capital of Kyrgyzstan, told political columnist for “the WORLD 24” Maxim Krasotkin.

The heads of States of SCO member States agreed to fight the forces of evil such as terrorism, extremism and separatism. To do it will not be simple, but effective method is to deprive the group of financial support and, of course, to fight together with the propaganda of terrorism, extremism on the Internet. No wonder today have adopted the concept in the field of digitalization and information technology.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that security is one of the priority directions of the SCO activity.

“We believe that one of the main priorities is the fight against terrorism and extremism. We consider it important to enhance cooperation within the regional anti-terrorist structure of the SCO, block financial support of terrorists at the expense of proceeds of drug trafficking, to do everything to avoid falling into their hands on chemical, biological and other weapons of mass destruction. Russia also stands for close collaboration with the member countries of the organization for the suppression of the propaganda of ideas of terrorism and extremism in the Internet and information and communication technologies for criminal purposes. To strengthen cooperation in this area is intended to affirm us today, the concept of cooperation in the field of digitalization and information and communication technologies. Of course, a lot of work in the period of the Russian presidency will have to resolve crisis situations and peaceful settlement of conflicts near the outer borders of our countries”, – Putin said.

In terms of size and significance of the Shanghai cooperation organization has become quite comparable with the UN. On the extent can be judged by the number of languages from which and to which are now translated. It’s Russian, Chinese, Mongolian, Sindhi and dari one of the languages of Afghanistan. And all these are languages spoken by a third of the globe.

“The agenda of the SCO has much in common with the agenda of the UN. Is security issues and economic development issues, and human dimension issues. Continues effective cooperation with international structures in combating illicit drug trafficking, including with UN agencies. In November last year we conducted a formal high-level event of the UN and the SCO,” – said the President of Kyrgyzstan, Sooronbai Jeenbekov.

Agreed leaders to prevent someone’s hegemony in the economy, but not to withdraw into themselves and establish relations with other associations in Europe and Asia. This is an old idea of President Nursultan Nazarbayev.

“We should support and strengthen the capacity of the SCO. For example, to implement an action plan for 2018-2022 years in the strategic framework for the SCO Treaty on long-term neighborliness, friendship and cooperation. Secondly, we need to expand and establish full relations with key multilateral structures of Eurasia. In this respect special attention deserves the initiative of the first President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev on the three dialogues on partnerships with major regional organizations and projects in Europe and Asia. Of particular urgency is overcoming the stereotypes of bloc Outlook, strengthening the foundations of openness and equal cooperation”, – said the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

The heads of state went to the official reception. Journalists work in a huge hall-style Yurt. Those who work on the street outside of this “Palace”, the food is steaks, sausages, fried here, and treat national drinks, such as Maksym, chalap and kvass, which foreign journalists are for some reason called Russian cola.