The powerful downpour flooded Russian city (VIDEO)

Мощный ливень затопил российские города (ВИДЕО)

The powerful downpour flooded the Russian city of Sochi and Adler.

Social media users posted many videos, which show the extent of the bad weather.

Within hours the city had the third of the monthly norm of precipitation. In some places the water rose more than a meter, flooded roads, yards, houses adjoining Parking lots and underpasses.

To Sochi was formed many kilometers tube due to the fact that a 300-metre section of the route Dzhugba-Sochi was flooded.

According to weather forecasts, the rain will be in the city and 7 July, in connection with which there is a real threat to further increase of the water level. In addition, in the region of possible showers, thunderstorms and hail, and there is a danger of gusts up to 20 m/s.

Note that due to the bad weather pre-match training session of national team of Croatia to be postponed. FIFA said that the official class was moved to “Park Arena Sochi”. Arena is in the immediate vicinity of the stadium “fischt”, where you have to play a quarterfinal match of the 2018 world Cup team Croatia and Russia.

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