The PQ wants more to better protect whistleblowers

Le PQ en veut plus pour mieux protéger les lanceurs d’alerte

Dissatisfied with a report submitted by the president of the treasury Board, Christian Dubé, the opposition parti québécois is afraid that the story as it is experienced by agronomist Louis Robert is repeated if the government caquiste does not protect better the ringers and alert.

In formulating its own recommendations on the implementation of the Act to facilitate the disclosure of wrongdoing against public agencies, Mr. Dubé has rejected several recommendations made last December by the ombudsman, has found the parliamentary leader of the Parti Québécois, Martin Ouellet.

Mr. Ouellet, a reproach, more particularly, to Mr. Dubé not to have planned a punishment for the leaders of public organizations omettraient to protect the confidentiality of a whistleblower.

“The CAQ said simply not a way to be able to better protect whistleblowers. […] We don’t understand”, says Mr. Ouellet.

The case of Louis Robert

The member pq of René-Lévesque would have also liked to protect whistleblowers be included in the Act respecting labour standards, as recommended by the ombudsman, but this does not seem to be the case.

“One seems to want to play [the] same film that we saw with Louis Robert”, regrets Mr. Ouellet.

A year ago, the ombudsperson had issued a devastating report on the case of Louis Robert, an employee of the ministry of Agriculture who had been fired after having denounced the interference of the private in the research on pesticides.

Mr. Robert, who has since been entitled to a public apology by the prime minister François Legault, was finally able to return to his / her employment last August.

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