The president Duda re-elected in Poland

Le président Duda réélu en Pologne

Warsaw | The outgoing president of Poland, the conservative and populist Andrzej Duda, has been re-elected for a new mandate of five years, announced Monday the electoral Commission, according to official results, almost complete.

After the counting of 99.97 % of the ballots, Andrzej Duda got 51,21 % of the vote, in comparison with 48.79 % for his rival, pro-european and liberal, the mayor of Warsaw’s Rafal Trzaskowski.

“The results of the last five districts that we are still waiting will not change the final result of the elections,” said the press the head of the electoral Commission, Sylwester Marciniak.

The result confirms the position of the Law and Justice party (PiS), in power since 2015.

However, the political scientist Kazimierz Kik of the University of Kielce, believes that “it is a small success,” the president Duda. “He certainly won the election but the real success belongs to Rafal Trzaskowski and the opposition that returned to the field,” he told AFP. “Poland comes out of this election is disrupted. It will be difficult to renew ties between the Poles.”

“The result fort Rafal Trzaskowski gives him the opportunity to become a key figure of the liberal opposition”, told private television TVN24, a political scientist Andrzej Rychard.

Mr. Duda is supported by the conservative nationalist PiS when the mayor of Warsaw is the main opposition party, centrist civic Platform (PO), which promised to improve relations with the european Union strained since the arrival of the PiS in power.

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