The President of Bolivia announced the threat of a coup d’etat

Президент Боливии объявил об угрозе госпереворота

© REUTERS / Manuel Claure.The President Of Bolivia, Evo Morales. Archival photo, Bolivia’s President Evo Morales declared a coup attempt and urged the people of the country to unite.”Brothers and sisters, our democracy is under threat of a coup, which is trying to organize a group of aggressive persons, offenses against constitutional order. The face of the international community strongly reject this attempt at legal state,” wrote Morales in his Twitter.Hermanas y hermanos, nuestra democracia está en riesgo por el golpe de Estado que han puesto en marcha grupos violentos que atentan contra el orden constitucional. Denunciamos ante la comunidad internacional este atentado contra el Estado de Derecho.

— Evo Morales Ayma (@evoespueblo) November 9, 2019Ранее the authorities have stated that they will not enter into force in the city, gripped by unrest, where protesters were joined by police in Santa Cruz to Sucre and Cochabamba. The government forbade the right of the army to start somewhere else, and Morales called an emergency meeting. The command of the Bolivian police said the lack of rebellion in its ranks.Protests in Bolivia erupted after the counting of votes in the presidential elections on 20 October and continue to this day.
According to the Supreme electoral court of Bolivia, the victory is already won in the first round, incumbent President Morales. His main rival Carlos Mesa did not recognize the results of the calculation. Morales called the mass protests in the country, the coup attempt, which took right-wing forces, unhappy with his re-election.

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