The President of Brazil does not put the Embassy in Jerusalem: trade with the Arabs may suffer

Президент Бразилии не переведет посольство в Иерусалим: торговля с арабами может пострадать

Air Bolsonaro, who arrives in Israel on an official visit, in an interview with local reporters refused this earlier promises to move the Embassy from tel Aviv to Jerusalem, proposing instead to open in the capital of the Jewish state “trade mission”.

About it writes on Sunday, December 15, the news Agency Reuters.

As it became known from official sources, the agricultural sector of Brazil opposes moving the Embassy to Jerusalem – this step can damage the trade of Halal meat to the Arab countries.

According to the Brazilian Association of beef exporters, Brazil is one of the leading exporters of Halal meat in the world, and the Islamic countries of Iran and Egypt are the third and fourth largest buyers of beef. Against the transfer of the Embassy are also the economic team of the President of Brazil and the farm lobby.

In March this year the Minister of foreign Affairs of Brazil Ernesto Araujo said the decision to move the Embassy of his country in Jerusalem will be taken in light of the current situation and stabilize the situation in the region.

Two months earlier, published in Sao Paulo newspaper Polia wrote: the government of Saudi Arabia has warned the Brazilian authorities about the undesirability of the transfer of the Embassy.

The media published a secret telegram sent by the Ambassador of Brazil in Saudi Arabia Flavio Marga in the Ministry of foreign Affairs, where he reported: a senior Saudi officials have made it clear that Riyadh is concerned about and would not approve such a step.

The Saudis fear that the transfer of the Brazilian Embassy in Jerusalem will trigger a chain reaction among other countries in Latin America, but because the move will jeopardize the good relations that the two countries have maintained for half a century.

Recall that the transfer of the Embassy was one of the campaign promises of the current President of Brazil Jaira Bolsonaro sympathetic to the Jewish state. He later claimed that the fundamental decision has already been made and its implementation “is a matter of time.”

Netanyahu attended in December 2018 at the inauguration ceremony Bolsonaro, becoming the first Israeli Prime Minister, visited Brazil.

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