The president of Madagascar says to know a herbal remedy against coronavirus

Le président de Madagascar affirme connaître un remède à base de plantes contre le coronavirus

ANTANANARIVO-The president of madagascar Andry Rajoelina said Wednesday evening that a herbal remedy could cure the sick of the coronavirus, which has infected almost a million people and more than 86 000 deaths in the world.

“I received a letter on march 24, indicating that Madagascar has the cure that could, in the conditional, because one must still prove, to cure the coronavirus […] this medicinal plant can cure the coronavirus,” he assured in a television show.

Mr. Rajoelina has not specified the name of this plant nor the author of the letter that he quoted.

“We’re doing the trials and I am convinced that Madagascar will find this remedy,” continued the head of State, ensuring that scientists and laboratories of several countries were ready to participate. “We can change the history of the world,” he added.

The announcement of the first cases of people infected by the Covid-19 has caused the markets of the big island a strong renewed interest for a variety of medicinal plants or products such as ginger and the lemon is supposed to cure, or, at the very least, protect them from the virus.

In a speech last month, Andry Rajoelina himself had extolled the virtues of certain plants such as Sacred Sage infused in essential oils against the coronavirus.

The president of madagascar has imposed on the inhabitants of the capital Antananarivo and the cities of Toamasina (east) and Fianarantsoa (center) to stay in their house until 19 April to stop the pandemic of Covid-19 in his country.

To date, 93 people have been officially infected with the Covid-19 in Madagascar. No one has died and 11 have been declared cured.

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