The president of the FAE, “salutes” back-to-school in September

Le président de la FAE «salue» le retour en classe en septembre

The president of the autonomous Federation of teachers (FAE), Sylvain Mallette, welcomes the decision of Quebec to dismiss the school distance to secondary school students in September in favour of a return to the classroom full-time or part-time.

In an interview with Benoît Dutrizac, Friday, at QUB radio, Mr. Mallette stated that the minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge wants to do for back-to-2020 what it has not done to the back spring, that is to say consult the people on the ground.

Mr. Mallette is also forbidden to “cry a lot for not much”, indicating, for example, have claimed access to the equipment of individual protection for teachers.

LISTEN to the full interview of the president of the FAE, Sylvain Mallette, on QUB radio:

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