The President of Tottenham: “We are ready to sell Eriksen, even our competitors”

Президент Тоттенхэма: «Мы готовы продать Эриксена даже нашим конкурентам»

The President of Tottenham Daniel levy responded to the question about the future of midfielder Christian Eriksen. Recall that the Dane does not want to renew the contract with the club. The current agreement expires in the summer of 2020.

“I don’t really want to pay much attention to any one individual. Eriksen wants to stay at Tottenham or not is his decision. My opinion on this situation is very simple. The player signed a new contract must be not only correct the terms of the agreement, but the desire of the player. If not, we are not afraid to sell it, including our competitors,” said levy.

Earlier it was reported that “Manchester United” in January plans to buy Eriksen.