The President: what he was talking about Putin with journalists

PHOTO : Website of the President of the Russian Federation


Journalists and bloggers discussed on the forum with Russian President Vladimir Putin, school meals, social support large families and the medical issues, the correspondent of “MIR 24” Margarita Kirilova.

At the media forum of the Russian popular front in Sochi came more than 500 journalists from all over Russia. They raise a simple, but very important for every Russian questions. We also discussed the problems of palliative care and the program “Zemsky doctor.” The head of state proposed to change the order of tenders for the construction of social facilities. Now they are organized in such a manner that they are available “either fools or charlatans”.

The movement of the popular front, Putin created in 2011 to active the Russians were able to observe on the ground how there are implemented by presidential decrees. It is the eyes and ears of the President himself. National supervisors – so they call themselves.

“The most important task – improving the lives of people. Of course, already said in previous meetings such common words, but nevertheless not harmful to play them again. You are the closest to people are, I feel, understand, see with your own eyes everything that happens on the ground. It is extremely important to give you the opportunity to bring what you see, feel, understand, to all levels of government, including and up to your humble servant, to government, to governors,” – said Putin.

One of the innovations of the sixth media forum: journalists in a virtual format and joined the bloggers. They in real time sent their message on a special platform called SNWall. All requests are processed and issued instantly in the air.

“It is an attempt to give an alternative view of social journalists-bloggers. The essence is a matching platform that it in real-time mode collects messages for the different topics. Now the onf we collect for 12 key problem areas,” – says the managing partner of Agency “Social networks”, host of “WORLD 24” Denis Terekhov.

For example, the problem of organization of children’s nutrition in schools Putin announced at a professional journalist, and a young blogger.

Putin agreed with him. He also has questions how the Russian schools feed the children. The head of state proposed to shift the responsibility from the shoulders of Directors to heads of regions that they controlled the baby food in educational institutions. The President instructed the Minister of education to develop a training manual for heads of cities.