The presidential version of the CCP provokes total arrests waters the guise of fighting corruption

This is a step towards the construction of a police state

Президентский вариант УПК провоцирует тотальные аресты вод видом борьбы с коррупцией

The President of Ukraine has submitted to Parliament a bill on amendments to the criminal procedure code.

In the same which I reported at the parliamentary rostrum and each amendment held in Strasbourg through the Council of Europe experts.

Then the adoption of this document resulted in the release of exactly half of all detainees in detention centres of the people, without changing the overall crime situation in the country.

Under non-freedom restriction measure was then released about 19 thousand suspected non-violent crime people, the lion’s share of which were held illegally and which was not rendered a verdict.

The meaning of this document was that the state could not take in hostages of the businessman, entrepreneur or anyone who does not pose a threat to the life and health of a person. Anyone who was not a danger of violence was the opportunity for bail or house arrest.

In the present bill, for the beautiful phrase about the fight against corruption, hiding the proposal to introduce total arrests of citizens under the pretext of fighting corruption.

Dear bosses, you have already coped with the first stage of reform – the rehabilitation of the functionaries of the previous political regime.

Now you have begun to build in the country a police state with unlimited ability to make almost automatic arrest any unwanted person.

You make a serious mistake and a blow for its credibility in the business community.

Urge MPs not to vote for this law. It has no relation to reforms and European integration.
Andriy Portnov