the preventive slaughter of 40,000 ducks has started in the Landes

    the preventive slaughter of 40,000 ducks has started in the Landes

    After the confirmation this week of the presence of the H5N8 virus in a farm in Sort-en-Chalosse and another in Bergouey, the decision was taken to preventively slaughter several tens of thousands of animals, in an attempt to stem the spread of the virus.

    40,000 ducks will be slaughtered in the coming days, according to Modef des Landes, the Family Farmers Defense Movement, the second largest agricultural union in the department, which is currently holding a press conference on Thursday. Preventive slaughter which even concerns healthy farms, until then these slaughterings had taken place in farms where the virus had entered.

    The slaughter began on Wednesday, within a perimeter of one kilometer around the two outbreaks of avian influenza. The area is extended this Thursday to three kilometers.

    The question of broilers arises. Chickens were excluded on Monday, but given the rapid development, which was certain at the start of the week is no longer completely so today, explains the vice-president of Modef.

    The Landes prefecture must communicate during the day, the prefect Cécile Bigot-Dekeyzer held an audio-conference with professionals in the sector and elected officials.

    Modef calls for a demonstration in front of the prefecture, this Saturday morning.

    More information to come

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