The price of the stamp could significantly increase by 2018

A stamp of the Post. — Philippe Huguen AFP

Franking his mail is going to cost more more expensive. The price of the stamp is expected to strongly increase in the next year, reveals Les Echos.

While an increase of 1.5 % was expected by The Post, the regulatory Authority for electronic communications and posts (Arcep) has given its approval for a rise of 5 % in 2018. The decision, taken a fortnight, had passed almost unnoticed.

A new “rule of regulatory accounting”

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Facing a decline in its activities, the Post struggling to maintain its margins. The volume of mail being handled to fall annually by 5 to 6 %. This translates to a financial loss in terms of turnover of half a billion euros every year. The increases in the price of the stamp thus to compensate in part for the losses.

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