The pride of Georgia: khachapuri is recognized as a monument of intangible heritage

PHOTO : Wikimedia Commons / Andrew Butko


Georgian pride and classic national dishes. Khachapuri is a traditional cheese pie is officially recognized as a monument of intangible cultural heritage. About how to cook this dish, told the correspondent of “MIR 24” Diana Iosseliani.

To come to Georgia and not to try khachapuri – the same that to be in Italy and not to taste the pizza. Khachapuri – this is not just a dish. It’s part of the culture and history of the country. Without it it is impossible to imagine the traditional feast.

“For example, in my house the cult of khachapuri. Bake and mother, and grandmother. I learned at around age seven or eight. The exact proportions do not know – all eyes,” said Baker Irakli Meskhi.

There are dozens of recipes of dough and filling. Experts say: the main thing – not stingy on the cheese. The filling gives the cake made of flour and water that special, unique taste. Each region of Georgia has its proprietary recipe. Khachapuri Imereti, Mingrelia, Adjara. Last appearance – a boat with egg yolk, which is added at the last stage of cooking.

“Legend has it that video cameras represent the life of sailors, who are waiting for homes. Form khachapuri speaks for itself – the boat, and the egg – the sun, symbol of life,” said Baker Irakli Meskhi.

For tourists who arrive in Georgia, khachapuri is traditionally one of the top three dishes that you must try. This list khinkali and shashlik.

“When we were in Sighnaghi, we had a master class, and we own hands cooked khachapuri. Put lots of cheese and was very tasty – they melt in your mouth,” said a tourist from Russia Anton Grabarov.

People say: for them the status of a food is not particularly important. Monument or no monument, that was delicious and satisfying.

Early monuments in the Republic was declared Georgian feast, polyphonic singing, and a clay amphora for aging and storage of wine – Kvevri.