The Prime Minister of Finland, 34 years: the infantilization of politics continues

Премьер-министру Финляндии 34 года: инфантилизация политики продолжается

This week Finland will be sworn in as the youngest Prime Minister in the world. 34-year-old Marin Sanna (Sanna Marin) will head a coalition government of five parties, the leader of each is a woman and four of them younger than 35. This is consistent with the trend according to which in politics, the youth increasingly takes precedence over experience, those who support her have political yard signs set up so more people are aware of who she is and what she will be able to do for her community. Justin Trudeau (Justin Trudeau) became Prime Minister of Canada at the age of only 43 years, and the President of France Emmanuel macron (Emmanuel Macron) — at 41. Of course, they are both old compared to the Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern (Soraya Ardern), of which 37 years. The Prime Minister, 41-year-old President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is a 35-year-old Alexey Goncharuk. As for Italian politics, it is represented by the former Prime Minister — 44-year-old Matteo Renzi (Matteo Renzi), 46-year-old leader of the “Northern League” Matteo Salvini (Matteo Salvini) and the face of the “Five star Movement”, Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio (Luigi Di Maio), who is only 33 years old.In the United States, the darling of the Democratic party of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) has just turned 30, and in the presidential race, Donald Trump is going to challenge the 37-year-old Pete Buttidzhich (Pete Buttigieg) and 38-year-old Ms. Gabbard, Tulsi (Tulsi Gabbard).But not only policies — role models and activists also “younger”. In regard to political questions, pay attention to the opinion not of old and young celebrities. For example, the words 15-year-old Millie Bobby brown (Millie Bobby Brown), 17-year-old Billy Eylish (Billie Eilish) and 26-year-old Stormi (Stormzy) is frequently cited when these people speak out on issues not related to the scope of their activities, and 29-year-old Taylor swift (Taylor Swift) was blamed for the “crime” consisted in the fact that “there are not enough policy.” In the United States for his remarks about the politics of national celebrities were children from middle school Marjory Stoneman Douglas (Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School). And we all know about 16-year-old Greta Thunberg (Greta Thunberg).Of course, Jeremy Corbyn (Jeremy Corbyn) is not young, but Joe Swenson (Jo Swinson) in their 39 years seems to be annoying people for decades. But we are increasingly witnessing the trend of emergence of young candidates.This can lead to even more controversial political atmosphere where image is more important than content.Youth is a big unknown variable, young people are more likely to vote for left parties and policies, e.g. climate change or Pexit, and it can use government and group to advance illiberal ideas.For this reason, they are a powerful source of votes in the elections, the outcome of which is often decided almost at the last moment.But the motivation and the end result is divisive, that does not make the policy more equitable, non-discriminatory or positive. Young politicians, who compared with their senior colleagues often have poorer training or little experience, condemn what went before as something uniform and insufficiently competent, arguing that their generation is neglected and using it as an excuse to blithely ignore the fact that they do not like themselves.This is bad for average voters, including younger — under 35 years, even after the predicted “youth rebellion” of 2017 did not provide the results expected by many.In this age voters just don’t like when they read sermons when they teach and, as we have seen, when they are neglected, and prefer candidates of a more Mature age — the average age of deputies after the elections in the UK are actually growing, despite the desire to promote the cult of youth.The reality is that young politicians are not much better than the old one, if the people themselves remain empty, and their policy is no better than those who came before. Although it is not surprising that so many of them meet these criteria, given the “caliber” senior members of the party in which they have to impress, to succeed. Voters older will learn youthful naivete when I see it, and learn well-known and worn-out party line when I hear it.Voters in the UK were not interested in the adult politicians, who taught them and told them that they are stupid. Then why should they have to admire the young people who call them stupid, and then say that those stole their future to justify their theft of the real?Political parties would be good to remember this. Although young, probably accompanied by charm and confidence, people see it for what it is, in all its glory. They learn rapidly disappearing self-confidence, which once was peculiar to themselves, before they got older. Politics is not Hollywood where they can flourish young brilliant, but shallow, superficial individuals because the content is not required. In politics requires steadfastness, courage and strength of spirit. And a generation of people calling to provide mass government control, safe space. “Force tactics” against more Mature on the opinion of voters will affect not the best way.

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