The Princess syndrome: causes, symptoms, treatment

The Princess, according to psychologists, means that the person bears the crown. Mostly the syndrome affects girls and women.

Синдром принцеси: причини появи, симптоми, лікування

The Princess syndrome begins to develop in the child, but with age is gaining momentum. Children watch different cartoons about princesses and mermaids, seeing the characters really. They want to be like them and so they behave loftily. At the age of 20-30 years, this syndrome is manifested very vividly. Many people like such a mental disorder, and someone wants as soon as possible to get rid of it, informs Rus.Media.

The causes of the syndrome

According to experts, syndrome from childhood. There are several reasons for the appearance of the Princess that affect the child’s psyche and cause negative habits. The complex appears for several reasons.

  • The behavior of moms and dads. This is the main reason, because children are watching how adults behave, and repeat them. Some parents from birth show and tell the child that you need to be a unique and ideal man. They make it clear that their son or daughter is the best, most beautiful, and no one better than them.
  • Another factor in the appearance of syndrome is that parents want to show their baby to the whole world, wishing that she became popular. But the danger is not the words of parents and their actions: they can ply the child with expensive gifts, clothing and jewelry. The kid gets used that his parents pampered and wants to live by this principle in adult life.
  • Watching cartoons and movies. Strong influence on the psyche and character of a child’s fairy-tale characters. Today there is access to the various cartoons and movies of this nature. That is Cinderella and the princesses want to be little girls when they grow up. As well as to influence the behavior of the child and the parents, they support the girl in her choice, buying the same toy characters, real decoration, furniture, coloring and more. The child is constantly with his fantastic character and absorb his character.
  • People who surround the little girl can also affect her psyche, causing the syndrome. It can be girlfriends, classmates and close relatives. If parents will stop and you will stop to admire the little lady, she subconsciously begins to seek support in other people. Her perception of life is already a bit broken, and she’s looking for a similar. Calling them friends among them begins to stand out, to become a star. Often such people can be found in schools or universities, they go on about the one man, listen only to her, considering that she’s their “leader”.
  • Many children begin to wear your crown in order to cover the lack of love and attention from parents. Such people think that they certainly will love when they will gain popularity. Princesses all love.


Syndrome symptoms in girls

Symptoms in girls in this way:

  1. Girls daily watch the same cartoons tend to be like their characters: their behavior and changing appearance to talk about it, they ask their parents to buy them a toy or clothing as their idol.
  2. Increased attention to appearance, for example, change of hairstyle, clothes, shoes and jewelry, use of a large number of cosmetics.
  3. Communication with others may also change: the girls stop to listen to their parents, begin to communicate with them and be rude. When a girl gets a Charter of the Princess, she begins to be proud and to think that it is better than others, and now she’s in charge, and everyone else must obey. It happens that the parents after the child’s status are in the role of servants.

Symptoms in adult women

When the little Princess become adults, they begin to carefully monitor their appearance and follow fashion trends. Wear only stylish and fashionable, daily trips to the beauty salons. Now the woman is in control, she needs to look impressive to others envied and admired. In addition to appearance and clothing, many change their hobby and not doing what you want, but the fact that fashionable. And secrete a number of other symptoms.

A negative attitude is considered an important symptom. A grown woman wants to get a lot of love and attention, but not give it in return.

  • Her pride would not allow it to grovel in front of someone and show your feelings in public.
  • All desires should always be carried out. Such people often stop communicating because to sustain them is simply impossible. Be only the next, which, in fact, and nowhere to go.
  • The desire to live beautifully. To live in a simple apartment princesses don’t have, they want a mansion. Visiting clubs, restaurants and other trendy establishments they are always at the forefront. A woman wants to be aware of all the events and attend them, to be lighted on television, movies, and more.
  • Women with the syndrome can be polite and gentle, they try to please others, get a lot of attention and impress people. But the surrounding people can easily see who is who, because inappropriate behavior can be seen from afar.
  • Own world, in which lives a Princess. She lives for his plan and puts in first place his appearance. But you should know that such people are able to change only superficially. Their inner qualities are on a regular basis. This woman will not listen to others and their advice – princesses are always right.
  • At this age can begin relations with men. Women with the syndrome do not want to build a family and have a strong relationship. For them the main thing – to find a real man who will sponsor the woman to drive to restaurants, to buy expensive things and make unusual gifts. Women with the syndrome are just starting to collect men.
  • The girl with the crown on the head is not responsible. These ladies do not need anyone. So I trust them not. They will simply ignore the request or promise, but forget to do. And the accusations, reproaches hear, and they are always ready to stand up for themselves.
  • Though a woman became an adult, her behavior may not talk about it. She keeps acting like a little Princess. Such people are helpless and if they overtake the real problems in life, they can not cope with them.

Treatment of Princess syndrome

First we need to look at, maybe it’s the wrong upbringing. To praise the child and say that she’s pretty normal. But it is necessary to know the measure. Ideally no children to scold and put in the corner for bad behavior is necessary. The child should be brought up properly and not let its superfluous.

If the child began to act in cartoons or films, should be prohibited to watch TV, to allocate to the cartoons a few hours a day or even to replace the cartoon. If the child asks to use makeup, it is necessary to tell that it is harmful for little girls. Allow painted only on holidays or performances.

You need to check the belongings of the child to revise her wardrobe and see that her daughter wants to wear. Fully to buy new items do not need to distinguish from clothes what is necessary and practical. Lush beautiful dresses or skirts should be saved for more important events and don’t wear them every day. Sometimes allowed to be a Princess, but to be it every day is dangerous for the psyche.

And it is also advisable to talk with the people that surround the family, where lives the little Princess. To talk about the changes in education that don’t need to give expensive gifts. To indulge children is necessary, but in moderation.

If a child does not prevent the problem, in older age it is necessary to treat the syndrome with the psychologist.