The pro-weapons waive protest at Polytechnic

Photo: Jacques Nadeau Le Devoir
Young gun owners were outraged on Tuesday by the organisation of an event at the Place du 6-décembre-1989, in commemoration of the slaughter at the Polytechnique.

The leader of “gunnies” quebec, Guy Morin, has yielded to popular pressure by cancelling the Tuesday evening gathering on the Place du 6-décembre-1989 to less than five days of the 28th anniversary of the massacre at the École Polytechnique.


The coordinator of the group “All against a registry quebec firearms” has the lips, and presented his apology to the people outraged by the organisation of a demonstration pro-arms at the foot of the memorial to the 14 women who fell under the bullets of Marc Lépine on December 6, 1989.


He confessed to having “underestimated” the popular reaction to an outrage of the kind. “If there are people who are offended at this point, yes, correct, I apologize “, he let loose in one of the last interviews he granted on Tuesday. “But this was not a mistake. “The result is that the event will take place… elsewhere, he said.


It was explained to the having to have had to cancel the demonstration in front of the entrance to the campus of the University of Montreal because of the risks to the safety of the protesters.


Ottawa, Quebec city and Montreal, the voices were raised to ask the members of “All against a registry quebecers of the gun” to back out. “A gesture unnecessarily provocative and cruel. Regardless of the debate or the arguments, it is necessary to first think of the families of the victims of Polytechnique, ” argued the prime minister of canada, Justin Trudeau.


“In our society, people are free to protest. But it is more than bad taste, it is totally unacceptable, ” said the quebec minister of public Safety, Martin Coiteux. It has “condamn[e], strongly, firmly” the will of the group pro-weapons to disrupt the tranquility of the Place du 6-décembre-1989 in shots of ” claims “, and this, in full Days of action against violence against women.


The mayor of Montréal, Valérie Plante, has called on the organizers to ” be discerning and to revisit their strategy.” “This is neither the place nor the time “, she repeated without force their hand. “They have the right [to protest] if they comply with municipal regulations,” she pointed out to the press.


Guy Morin has finally complied, not without rejoicing to have managed to attract the attention of political actors and the media — on the plateaux, which scrolled throughout the day. “Situations like this would not get if the politicians we listened instead of laughing at us,” he explained, pointing the finger at the government Couillard.


The anger engendered by the creation of a file of registration of non-restricted firearms in Quebec do not fall back to far, warned Mr. Morin, at the end of the day Tuesday. “There are a lot of people in Quebec who are really tanned to see events like this one [Polytechnique] recovered [for] monetary policy and to always have more control over an object, knowing very well that in the end it does absolutely nothing,” he said.


Moreover, Dr. Morin’s dream to harness the anger of the opponents of gun control in favor of his candidacy during the next general elections. It will assess at the time and place the opportunity to stand for election under the banner of the conservative Party of Quebec on the 1st of October next, ” he says in a telephone interview with The Duty Tuesday afternoon.


Mr. Morin had sought to be elected to the national Assembly on the occasion of the election in the electoral district of Arthabaska on December 5, 2016, but in vain. He had finished the race in 4th place, garnering 4.7% of the vote.


“Disbelief” and ” anger “


Nathalie Provost, a survivor of the slaughter at the École Polytechnique, was greeted with “disbelief” and “anger” the will of the “gunnies” quebec to target the families of the women killed by shooter Marc Lépine. “It must really not understand what this means for us, for quebec society, the Place du 6-décembre-1989, to find that it is a good idea [to manifest]. It is totally a lack of respect “, she argues.


Ms. Provost is concerned about the deterioration of the debate on gun control in Quebec. “Social networks have enabled this group, which existed much more in the western part of Canada […] to develop in the east,” she says. The viciousness of the ” gun lobby “, Heidi Rathjen has tasted when she campaigned with the political class canadian firearms registry.


Friendly fire


The organizers of the ” gathering of the “gunnies” ” have also come under fire friends. Already on Saturday, in the face of an avalanche of negative messages on the social network, Guy Morin and Jessie mcnicoll have put online on YouTube — in the category “humor” — a video in which they stated their intentions in view of the event of Saturday. It will be a ” peaceful gathering in the respect of the citizens “, stressed Ms. Mc Nicoll, who is a blogger at HuffPost Québec. “There is nobody who is going to piss on the graves of the victims. There is nobody who is going to make the case, ” added the bachelor of psychology. Mr. Morin for his part, invited the protestors to leave their weapons and their housings to the house.


Young gun owners were outraged on Tuesday by the organisation of an event in a “commemorative space” of the massacre at Polytechnique. “The association of Guy Morin is not only an affront to our friends and feminists, but forget that our struggles can also join,” wrote Alexandre Beaudet in an open letter sent to the Duty.


The Law on registration of firearms has been passed by the national Assembly in June 2016. However, it is not yet in force at the present time. The Council of ministers must activate by means of a decree when the “solution” will be ready in January 2018, he said. “The project is progressing as agreed,” said the spokesperson for the department of public Safety, Olivier Cantin, Tuesday.


The owner of a non-restricted firearm will have a year to make an application for registration. It should, however, make an application for registration as soon as it takes possession of a new acquisition.


The gunsmith Martin Light understands that clients refusing to register their weapons, turn to the Web for their next purchase. “For the “business”, this is not good a registry. The diehard anti-records are not going to buy me with “guns”, because for me, I will not have the choice to save, ” he says.


Mr. Leger has been trying to “wake up the pro-guns sitting in their living room chigner, to cry [with the approach of the entry into force of the Law on registration of firearms], but aren’t doing anything” by the calling in a video, such as shared by Mr. Morin, to demonstrate in front of ‘the monument of Polypleurniche” where to gather the ” osties of mourners Poly “.


Buses will depart from his trade Saturday morning as planned, but for a destination that was unknown Tuesday evening. A mysterious amateur weapons québécois finance.


Mr. Léger is pleased that the “gunnies” have got the” media attention “. For the rest of the things, he entrusts himself to Guy Morin. “I am convinced that there is a move more clever than just picked on all the time the people who are bereaved,” he concludes.

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