The procedure, which should not be done before 35 years

Процедуры, которые не стоит делать до 35 лет

These procedures should be postponed as long as possible.

Botox. About the Botox not heard only the lazy. Many women refer to this procedure quite lightly. And do Botox even in 20 years. But, this may result in an unexpected result. First, after the procedure of Botox relax the muscles fibers, thus loses the facial expressions. Secondly, Botox causes a kind of addictive. And it is possible that after a few months after the procedure, the wrinkles will become even more noticeable. Why move such a procedure at least 35 years.

Mesotherapy. The procedure is an injection into the middle layers of the epidermis. Beautician inserts into the skin of personalised “cocktail” of nutrients, herbs, vitamins and minerals. With mesotherapy also should not hurry – it can be done after 28-32 years. With proper care and moisturizing, the skin itself will generate the necessary “components” for smartness and elasticity. And if you pamper your skin early cosmetic treatment, it will start to be lazy. To 30 years it can be done only in the case of premature aging.

Surgical lifting. It can be easy to postpone up to 40 years. This procedure works over a fairly pronounced age-related changes. Such intervention should be done when soft tissues are not amenable to correction with the use of beauty injections and hardware techniques. Therefore, if the beautician offers you a surgical facelift, and you are not even 35, think about the competence of your specialist.


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