The producer of a fallen Harvey Weinstein is accused of human trafficking in New York

Photo: Jordan Strauss / Invision / Archive The Associated Press
The producer of a fallen Harvey Weinstein

New York — A lawsuit filed in New York accuses Harvey Weinstein of human trafficking. The producer stripped would be attracted to an aspiring actress in a French hotel for the sexually assault.


According to the lawsuit filed Monday, Mr. Weinstein would have gone to London in 2014 and have promised to Kadian Noble that she would have a role in one of his films.


A year later, it would have reviewed Ms. Noble and would have convinced her to go up to his room of the hotel Majestic, in Cannes. In his room, he would have made touches and would have forced her to watch him masturbate.


A spokesman for Mr. Weinstein has denied the allegations.


The lawsuit was filed under a statute on human trafficking, which limits to ten years the time limit for filing a complaint against someone who had traveled to commit a sexual assault.


The complainant seeks damages that are not specified in the lawsuit.

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