The producer of “Friends” told about the fate of the series

Marta Kauffman has ruled out the possibility of continuing the series “Friends”.

Продюсер "Друзів" розповіла про долю серіалу

62-year-old American producer and writer Marta Kauffman is working on many different projects, but the most successful and famous of them all – the TV series “Friends”, informs Rus.Media.

Not surprisingly, whenever possible journalists interested in the fate of the legendary paintings. Oh, and another interview with Martha Kauffman was no exception.

The writer admitted that no matter how the fans wanted, but the continuation of your favorite series can be expected. Mar just do not see in it sense, as a new part of this story will be nothing like what it wants to see.

“This show is about a time of life when friends are your family. But it is not so. We are able to reunite the six actors, but the project will not be the soul which was before. Besides, I don’t know why we need it. The show is still popular, people love him. The sequel may be disappointed. You know, “the Episode that all disappointed,” said Kauffman.

In an interview with reporters a celebrity also remembered about how he felt that “Friends” will be something special and will bring incredible success.

“It was two points. First – when we did the first rehearsal and read the scene in the cafe. My body shiver and I realized that this is something special. Another point – when I was walking down the street in a jacket with the words Friends, someone stopped me and asked what will happen with Rachel and Ross,” admitted Martha.

Additionally, in December 2018, the former “Friends” star Jennifer aniston also said that about any continuation of the question (although she would not mind). But you may receive a remake of the tape.