The producers of oxen want to rebound with the crisis

Les producteurs de bœufs veulent rebondir avec la crise

The beef producers of Quebec believe that the current crisis is the opportunity to take a greater place in the future.

The increase in the price of beef on the shelves reminds us of the importance of redeveloping this industry, which has suffered several blows in recent years, according to Beef Quebec.

“I don’t understand why the quebec economy loses more than a billion dollars each year by eating beef overseas, rather than to enrich the province of Québec and its regions. Currently, the breeding of steers, it is about $ 200 million each year in Quebec and it responds to less than 20% of demand in québec”, was defended by press release Jean-Sébastien Gascon, program coordinator, Partners Beef in Québec.

The last slaughter steers closed its doors in 2015, and since the producers have to send their meat elsewhere for processing.

However, since the beginning of the crisis of the coronavirus, several slaughterhouses were forced to close their doors, pushing up the price of beef at the grocery store, added Mr. Gascon.

According to him, Quebec is able to rebuild a beef industry complete in five years.

In this sense, Mr. Gascon believes that the recent initiative of IGA supermarkets is a good start. These are now the only retailers to offer products with the inscription “Beef Québec”, the image of what is done for a long time with the “porc du Québec”.

“And if the closure of the major slaughterhouse was the opportunity for quebec consumers fall in love with the beef of Quebec, as they have done before for eggs, milk, pork, and chicken from Quebec?” hope Jean-Sébastien Gascon.

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