The project office of the tram has already spent$ 53.5 Million

Le bureau de projet du tramway a déjà dépensé 53,5 M$

The project office of the future tramway, in Quebec, has spent more than$ 53 Million for the planning and design of the project.

The amount of$ 53.5 Million appears in black and white in a document that the City has forwarded to the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE), Friday afternoon, in response to the 42 additional questions submitted by the commissioners of the BAPE.

The sum of$ 53.5 Million is likely to have been drawn in the envelope of$ 215 M for the preparatory work, granted by the government Couillard in 2018 during the announcement of the project is evaluated at$ 3.3 billion. The government Legault was then extended an additional $ 419 Million, respectively, in February last.

Curiously, in march, mayor Régis Labeaume announced that a sum of$ 65 Million had already been spent for the past two years for the tramway project, an amount higher than the$ 53.5 Million announced Friday.

The contingency reserve has melted

With the recent changes to the project, the provision for risks, contingencies, and inflation has been substantially reduced, a-t-we also learnt on Friday. In December 2019, the mayor claimed to be able to count on a reserve of 712 M$ for the unexpected. This amount has melted, going now at$ 591 Million, which represents 20 % of the total budget, compared to 27 %.

In investigating the table submitted to the BAPE, we find a significant reduction of the total amount anticipated for the inflation from 231 Million to$ 152,5 M$.

The City is said to have refined the amount of planning, “following best practices” and according to ” the progress of the design of the project and the accuracy of the estimates of costs “. The estimated cost of the viaduct Mendel was also unveiled. This infrastructure is estimated to be 44.4 Million$.

Interconnection with Levis

The responses of the City of Québec in respect of the interconnection with Levis are also intriguing since it evokes the implementation of the “priority measures transit” in the head area of the bridges in order to improve the journey time between the two shores. The document does not specify whether this could include, for example, an hov lane on the Quebec bridge.

The City has also defended his choice for the implementation of its main parking garage and a bus terminal in the area The Son-in-law, little densified at the present time. The administration Labeaume provides for the possible arrival of almost 7,000 residents and up to 2,000 jobs in this area. The choice of The Son-in-law will also” catch ” a good part of the travel from the west, calls-t-on.

As to the absence of a direct link with the railway stations and the airport, the City says that the technical hurdles are many for the tram. It evokes the presence of steep slopes and a path too long (towards the airport) which would have lengthened the travel time, ” making the line unattractive “.

The money spent on the tram system project

On July 19, 2020

  • 24.3 Million$ (professional Fees and technical services)
  • $ 13.3 Million (Compensation)
  • $12.4 Million (urban utilities Networks : Hydro, Bell, Videotron, etc)
  • $ 1.5 Million (Software, licenses and computer equipment)
  • 724 000 $ (Communications)
  • 622 000 $ (project Management, interest expenses and office equipment)
  • 604 000 $ (Rent)


* Note: figures have been rounded

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