The property tax continues to increase

A notice of property tax in 2015. — LODI FRANCK/SIPA

While the housing tax should be eliminated for 80% of the households in 2018, the estate tax does not take the same path.

Strong disparity depending on the territories

Even worse, it is in continuous increase. It is the study of the National Union of Property (UNPI) revealed this Thursday that shows this. The property tax has far exceeded the pace of inflation growth in the past five years, the duration of the investigation which has been analyzed from 2011 to 2016 the increase of the land tax in the whole of France.

And the owners are not going to be disappointed. According to their calculation, it has increased by an average of more than 14 % over the past five years.

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The increase is unevenly spread over the territory. In Lille the increase of the estate tax is one of the strongest with 32,24 %. Marseille and Lyon are in the middle of the rankings with an increase around 15 %. At the bottom of table can be found, for example Grenoble, Nice, paris and Saint-Etienne (around 6 % increase). The study finally indicates that the 50 largest cities of France, 32 will keep a property tax that is identical to that of 2016. To search for your city, it is here.


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