The proposal by the Czech politician Pavel Novotny put in a Prague monument to General Vlasov condemn the authorities of the Czech Republic and its citizens.

The proposal by the Czech politician Pavel Novotny put in a Prague monument to General Vlasov condemn the authorities of the Czech Republic and its citizens.

Предложение чешского политика Павла Новотны поставить в Праге монумент генералу Власову осуждают власти Чехии и её граждане.

Photo: © sistiema General Vlasov again at the hearing – the mayor of the Prague district Rgeorge Pavel Novotny proposed to install a monument to the accomplice of Hitler in the Czech capital.

And the storm broke on the scandalous statement responded not only to the Russian and Czech media, but also a European. However, little known before the Czech policy does not have to reap the laurels of spitting and cursing at him so much that I couldn’t wash off.

Pavel Novotny stubbornly stands on his own – wrote in social networks that do not intend to recede:

“The Russians are somewhat mistaken. That “we want a monument to Vlasov” is not entirely accurate. Will correct this: we will build it here! The city Council will approve of the intention, and we declare competition”.

About the city Council Pavel Novotny mentioned is not surprising – recently, members voted for the dismantling of the memorial in memory of the liberator of Prague Marshal Konev. Say, I do not deserve the honor of the first city allegedly released Vlasov.

The idea is to glorify the name of the traitor of the Motherland General Vlasov told municipal officials historian Paul Jacek, it is not the first time trying to downplay the merits of the Soviet army in the battles for the capital of the Czech Republic. Jacek fudging the facts: the Vlasov troops, though they opposed the Nazis on the side of the rebels the citizens, but in the end betrayed the Czechs. Vlasov and his colleague Bunyachenko took their part towards the Americans, leaving the people of Prague at the mercy of the SS. And only the rapid advance of Soviet tank General Konev saved the Czech capital and its inhabitants.

But for Pavel Gacaca apparently, General Vlasov mil because he was an enemy of the Soviet Union. And he seems to not care that the Czech government and President Milos Zeman are trying to maintain friendly relations with Russia.

However, Mr Nowotny does not hide that wants to annoy his political opponents: “They will be furious!”

In Rgeorge – in 1945 it was a separate city, not the district of Prague – General Vlasov did stop in the night of 6 to 7 may 1945. But hardly any of the inhabitants of the Czech capital will bring to the house of the flowers: traitors never love.

“Traitor can only be one more monument to the gallows!” in this unanimous opinion of the Czechs, and Russians.

Rehabilitation denied

I have been to Prague and know that there are memorials not only to Soviet soldiers. At the olšany cemetery is the monument to the fallen in the battles of the soldiers and officers of the Vlasov army. “Dead shame no shame!” – decided the Czechs, Vlasov buried in a mass grave.

And if General Vlasov found the strength and courage to kill himself in may 1945, he would lie under the monument, together with his soldiers. But he was a traitor and a coward, hoping that his person was useful to the Americans, wanted to save his life. It did not work: Soviet troops took Vlasova captured. He was tried for treason and sentenced to death. In 1946, Andrey Vlasov was deprived of his rank and hanged.

It would seem that the verdict of the Military Collegium of the USSR Supreme court issued a final then, but already in the nineties in Russia, attempts were made rehabilitation of Vlasova. Among the politicians who declared accomplice of Hitler’s “noble anti-Stalinist”, was the former mayor of Moscow Gavriil Popov and some clergy. But the Military Collegium of the Supreme court reconsidered the case of Vlasov in 2001, the rehabilitation was denied.

To accuse the judiciary of Russia in injustice to the person of General Vlasov, it is impossible – in part of the charges of anti-Soviet agitation and propaganda, the conviction was overturned, but the facts of war crimes was reaffirmed and proven.

The objective in relation to the Vlasov not only judges, but also historians. Near Moscow, near Dmitrov, Permilovskoe on the height stands the memorial complex to the defenders of Moscow, and there, among the names of the generals carved the name of General Vlasov. So his contribution to rescue of the Soviet capital and the defeat of the Germans on the approaches to it no one is downplaying.

But the fact that Vlasov had committed by going to the service to Hitler, can not be forgiven. He became vile the path of treachery – fought on the side of the enemy, went against his homeland, his people.

Veteran-paratrooper Nikolai Mikhailovich Yegorov told me that on the front of the conversation with Vlasov was short:

“Russian in a German uniform in battle we captured was so despised traitors and punished themselves without judgment. Pity for them was not!”

But those soldiers of Vlasov’s army (ROA) who have surrendered themselves, the Soviet authorities treated humanely: they spared, and, after serving his sentence in the camps, almost all of them subsequently got a clean passport with no mention of a criminal record.

The people – against

The Russian Embassy in the Czech Republic warned about the possible negative consequences that could be caused by installation in Prague of the monument to Vlasov. The diplomats reminded the municipal authorities that the crimes of Andrei Vlasov who defected to the Nazi Germany, the Charter of the Nuremberg Tribunal as crimes against humanity.

“The idea of a monument to Andrei Vlasov, the leader of Russian collaborators, is contrary to international obligations assumed by the Czech Republic as a party to the Convention on the non-applicability of statutory limitations to war crimes and crimes against humanity 1968,” the statement of the Embassy of the Russian Federation.

By the way, the common people of the Czech Republic strongly disagrees with the draft aggrandizement Vlasov. The mayor of the 6th district of Prague ondřej kolář, famous for the fact that he initiated the demolition of the monument to Marshal Konev and called for the installation of a monument to a war criminal Vlasov, admitted to the German journalists that he receives many angry calls and letters that he feared for his life. The municipal official has had to hire a guard for his person – the Czechs really can namyat his sides for the love of the traitor.

The situation surrounding the demolition of the monument to Marshal Konev in Prague and of the project of construction of the memorial to General Vlasov President Milos Zeman has called a “disgrace to the Czech Republic.” More precisely, perhaps, about the scandal and did not say!Grigoriy Telnov

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