The protests against the formula Steinmeier – smokescreen

Протесты против формулы Штайнмайера – дымовая завеса

The protests against the formula Steinmeier – a smokescreen to divert attention from other, more important process – the lifting of the moratorium on land sales in Ukraine.Thin combination globalnych igorotov is that nationalists use to divert attention away from fundamental reform, received on Monday the confirmation: the only more or less independent group of nationalists, not associated with law enforcement bodies (security service and interior Ministry), Avakov or Poroshenko, came to the protest action against formula Steinmeier with posters against the sale of farmland.We are talking about Oleg Tyagnibok and his party the Freedom Party of Regions helped in 2012 to go to the Parliament but it could not under its influence nor Arsen Avakov or Poroshenko.The team of Vladimir Zelensky need revenues, or guaranteed loans that require a collateral (a real willingness to sell at the disposal of the state almost 1/4 selhozzemel Bank – reserve lands, common grazing lands Academy of agrarian Sciences and belgosuniversiteta). One of the main demands of the IMF, to continue the work and allocation of new loans, is the lifting of the moratorium on land sales and the introduction of a land market in Ukraine.When Yulia Tymoshenko Viktor Medvedchuk will act against the lifting of the moratorium on land sales, they will be accused of working for Russia – is not allowed to fill the budget and to Finance the army. Oleg Tyagnibok in this situation the Golden share: Freedom is in power and understands how to use the nationalists in the streets, this party can play their game is to force the government to negotiate, otherwise Freedom will provide security for protests Yulia Tymoshenko on the street.The actions of Tyahnybok and the Freedom party will be the marker of a vector of development of the situation with the lifting of the moratorium on land sales in Ukraine.razvedinfo

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