The psychologist explained why Russians choose black clothes

Психолог объяснила, почему россияне выбирают черную одежду

Russians choose black clothes because of the climate, said a member of the Russian psychological society Natalie spark. Her words quoted by the newspaper “Evening Moscow”.

“In the winter, grey and black clothing, especially when there are overcast helps to set off the dignity of man, his striking features and focus on them”, – said the psychologist.

In addition, the spark sure that the clothes could indicate internal problems. If the person is not just dressed in the dark tones, and makes it sloppy and careless, it says depression.

Also, according to the psychologist, things help to set yourself up for a positive or a working mood: pink, beige and other shades cheer up, and cool colors (like light blue) contribute to mental activity. Bright colors should be used sparingly. For example, red can increase aggression, and bright orange – to overexcite.

Previously, scientists from the University of California have discovered how a man’s relationship to himself and to his life affects the feeling of happiness. People who believed that in the future will not change and will remain like his former self, was the happiest. Those who were waiting for change, with both negative and positive, were much less satisfied with my life.