The public markets want to reopen Sunday

Les marchés publics veulent rouvrir les dimanches

Forced to close their doors on Sundays, as almost all the shops of the Quebec, the public market would like to be able to be exempted from this charge to stimulate the local purchase.

Currently, only pharmacies, service stations, and convenience stores have the right to open on Sundays, in addition to restaurants which can offer dining, delivery or take-out. The government of François Legault believes, in particular, that the imposition of a day off allows employees to rest.

“The obligation to close on Sundays, it is totally counter-productive. People expect to go to the public market, the end of the week, the Saturday as the Sunday”, however, deems the president of the Association of public markets in Quebec, Isabelle Brodeur, in an open letter published Wednesday night.

It argues that the closure imposed on Sunday is all the more damaging that farmers and horticulturalists premises are limited in time to be able to offer and sell their products.

“Prevent the public markets to operate on Sundays, it is to keep our local producers to have access to their customers, whereas some have already lost significant income from the sale addressed to the conservators,” said Ms. Brodeur, adding that the closure of the Sundays “is a brake on the local economy and food self-sufficiency”.

“For seasonal businesses such as gardeners, be absent from the Sunday market is not that 17% of the revenue losses, but much more as usually, they have only six weeks to make their sale of the year”, she added.

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