The published list of victims during the emergency landing An-24

PHOTO : the Government of Buryatia/TASS


In the result of emergency landing of plane An-24 under Nizhneangarsk was killed and Vladimir kolomin and techniques Oleg large woven reed mats. On Board were 43 passengers. The Agency “FAN” leads the list.

Dmitry T.
Vladimir Y. G.
Mikhail G.
Salmon Dukarevich TS.
Vyacheslav K. P.
Svetlana A.
Anastasia G.
Alexander V.
Alexander S. M.
Tatiana A.
Lydia P.
Sergey Z.
Hope So
Olga G.
Alex D.
Julia B.
Bair D.
Julia C.
Eugene B.
Nicholas P.
Mikhail Antonov G.
Rardny G.
Andrey R.
Anastasia V. O.
Nikita A.
Tamara G. A.
Roman M.
Pavel P.
Dari D.
Anna Pavlovna I.
Bulgakov S.
Viktor K.
Ivan I.
Vladimir M.
Eugene L.
Michael R.
Aldar C.
Selma TS.
Aghvan TS.
Andrey P. M.
Lubov S.
Eugene V. K.
Ilya A. M.

It is noted that 21 person required medical attention. The plane carried out flight Ulan-Ude – Nizhneangarsk – Irkutsk. At the aircraft refused one of the engines. He went beyond the runway and collided with the building of sewage treatment plants. After this the fire occurred. An-24 operated since 1977.