The punishment for manipulation in Ukraine will develop the legislative framework

Наказание за манипуляцию: в Украине разработают законодательную базу

The Minister of culture, youth and sports Vladimir Borodyansky believes that Ukraine needs to develop a legislative framework with respect to rules and punishment for media manipulation.

He told about it in interview “Radio Freedom”.

Borodyansky noted that in world practice there are examples when media is being punished for blatant manipulation. In particular, it can be punished with fines or even criminal liability for the transmission of deliberately distorted information.

In Ukraine, for this plan to develop a legislative framework regulating such issues.

“In Ukraine there are a lot of developments on what is handling the content… We will use these capabilities to implement a legislative solution to these issues,” – said the Minister.At the same time will be a special system for the protection of journalists so they could not be accused of manipulation is irresponsible.

16 September in the Office of the President held a meeting on the issue of election of members of the Council on freedom of speech under the President, which discussed the introduction of the national press card, which may limit the rights of journalists. In the income statement stated that in the framework of the creation of a national press card will be issued for uniform standards of journalism and to formalize the standards of editorial policy.Earlier, the head of the Office of the President Andrei Bogdan said that the team of Vladimir Zelensky do not need journalists to communicate with society. He also accused the media of being corrupt and said that the Ukrainian journalism is in need of cleansing.