The pyramids of Giza have found the tomb of the priests of the old Kingdom

У пирамид Гизы нашли гробницы жрецов Древнего царства

Egyptian archaeologists in the course of work on the Giza plateau uncovered several graves that were “peers” of the pyramids.

The oldest tomb belongs to the period of the dynasty V (CA. 2504-2347 BC), according to the Ministry of antiquities of the country.

It is important that burials over the past four and a half thousand years was not looted, inside preserved sarcophagi and numerous artifacts.

“What is our life? Game!”У пирамид Гизы нашли гробницы жрецов Древнего царства“World mind games”: the premiere of “the World”, Scientists were able to establish that one mummy belonged to a man named Benoy On. According to hieroglyphic inscriptions, he occupied seven important posts: he was a priest, “the Confessor” three pharaohs servant of the goddess Maat and a court judge.

The second burial was a man of Nvi Hu. He wore five titles, including a priest and a Governor of the new provinces.

Hieroglyphic inscriptions state that the priests served at the court of the Pharaoh khafra, also known as Chephren. At his order, was built the second of the Great pyramids. It is also believed that his features are depicted in sculpture the Great Sphinx.

Archaeologists have found several statues made of limestone, representing the owners of the tomb, and figures of the jackals, stone reliefs and masks of wood.

Interestingly, the cemetery is located not far from the graves of workers who built the pyramids of Giza. Approximately in VIII century BC, the territory has created a number of new graves – this practice was very common in Ancient Egypt due to a shortage of land.

Earlier historians have established who ruled Egypt until the reign of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. According to the research, seized the throne his two older sisters.