The quads are flying off the dealers

Les quads s’envolent des concessionnaires

If you want to buy a quad or a vehicle coast to coast, you must think quickly, because soon, the dealers of all the manufacturers might miss out on several models.

“The market has been slowed down in the month of April due to the pandemic. It has forced many manufacturers to close their factories. This has created a scarcity of products,” says the director general of the Fédération québécoise des clubs quads, Danny Gagnon.

It seems that the déconfinement has promoted the popularity of the practice of the quad in Quebec.

“We note really a craze for the products, adds Mr. Gagnon. Sales at dealerships are growing, because people are told that they could get quads for fun at home, in Quebec. Therefore, it may well be that some models are less available and there is a waiting period for the consumer who wants a specific model. The factories are resuming production.”


One of the points to emphasize is that there are new users.

“This is what the manufacturers relate to us, says the specialist. They are accustomed to seeing the people of the community to renew their vehicle. But here, they note an increase is particularly remarkable in the number of guarantees issued to new owners of vehicles.”

This increase is also reflected by the increase in the sale of access rights.

“With this, as we live in the last few weeks, the sale of rights of access was not up to par with other seasons. Currently, however, it moves. We note a 20% increase in purchases of access rights on the web. It will have to wait until you have the sales figures of the clubs hard-copy to get a better idea. At the rate things are going, there should be an increase or at least equivalence with the other summer seasons, while there was no pandemic,” says Danny Gagnon.


“It’s been 33 years that I am in the area and I’ve never seen a similar situation,” says the director of sales land in Adrenaline Sports, Mr. Robert Gingras.

“Usually, the month that we are currently living are good for sales, except that, in this year, they have simply doubled, and more. It was prepared for the return trip after the confinement, but there, I must admit that it is completely overwhelmed. Some models of vehicles are absolutely impossible to have,” said Mr. Gingras.

The shutdown of production at the factory Can-Am, because of the pandemic, is partly responsible for this situation.

“The plant is given as a function yesterday. The orders that we had placed for April will be processed, which will allow us to ensure the dozens of late deliveries for mid-June. We foresee that it will become very difficult to obtain vehicles for about a month. Currently, our workshop is running at full capacity. We deliver between 60 and 70 units per week. We lack vehicles, both Can-Am Honda,” says Robert Gingras.

He explains this phenomenon by the fact that people know that they need to take their vacation in Quebec.

“The quad is the ideal vehicle to move and to respect the distance. The quadiste does not need to be in a restaurant or other place of the kind. People can enjoy the beautiful network of trails that lead to the discover of a unique panorama. The practice of the quad is still affordable. It is certain that the purchase initially is a good paid. Subsequently, next to maintenance and service life, the lover recovers very quickly his capital while taking full advantage of its activity.”


“It is the madness. The showrooms are full,” says Rene Cyr, Pro Performance, Boischatel.

“People need to understand, however, that we have just lived through a world event,” he continues. This has led to cuts in supplies, not only vehicles, but also accessories and parts. There was thus a direct impact on what we can offer to consumers who want a vehicle. With Yamaha, Suzuki or Polaris, we do the best we can in the circumstances. We have a very good cooperation of the manufacturers, but they can’t do miracles with factories that have been closed.”

“This is not the time to find deals as a vehicle of 2018 or nine or the other, because at the dealers, there is more, reveals this old road. The market is not for bargain hunters. It is also preferable for the consumer to do his shopping at home and make an appointment with his seller to go further. Like all businesses, we have significant standards to be met in the light of the COVID-19.”

Currently, the appointments for the interviews of vehicles are difficult to have. There is a wait time of two to three weeks. In mid-July or early August, at the latest, it will be very difficult to find a vehicle.

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