The Quebec city airport module prices

L’aéroport de Québec module ses prix

QMI agency

The airport of Québec, which seeks liquidity, réajustera its parking rates this fall. Management will increase the price of the day, but reduce costs to the week for its spaces to the outside.

On Wednesday, the management of the international Airport Jean-Lesage de Québec (YQB) has published its new fee schedule in the media. A press release has also been shared by the management.

As of September 15, the bill for visitors will increase by $ 1 at $ 5.50 per day, depending on the type of parking chosen. Rates per 24-hours will vary around 25 $. And the price for periods of 30 minutes and a time surge of $0.50.

In addition, in November next, YQB plans to apply a second increase of tariffs for its multi-level parking garage. To the day, this increase will increase the cost charged to visitors at $ 25.50 to $ 27. For the week, the price for this offer will be increased from $ 147 million in August to 168 $.


Last November, the Quebec city airport had said to wish to review it to lower its parking fees, over the next few years. This was the new plan of management to optimize the facilities of the institution to improve its financial health.

The direction is partially fulfilling its commitment, because the weekly price for parking outside will decrease as soon as September. In fact, the travelers using this parking lot will pay $ 27.50 per less for a period of 7 days and 71 $ for 14 days.

“The supply of parking is part of the elements that travelers consider when choosing their departure airport. To YQB, we want this to become a factor of attractiveness that plays in our favor”, said in a press release Yanic Roy, vice-president, Strategy and development.

The management justifies the increase in its rates for the short-term parking by “the reality of the market”.

Currently, the parking is free at the Quebec city airport.

At the beginning of the month, YQB has laid off permanently for a third of its employees, or 46 workers, due to the impacts of the pandemic.

For 2020, the management plans already in a deficit of “several million dollars”. It does not return to normal in regards to the traffic before 2023 or 2024.

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