The québécois rock in the language of Molière

Le rock québécois dans la langue de Molière

Raphaël Gendron-Martin

We can not count the number of times that the death of the rock has been announced. Imagine the French one. Yet, a handful of diehard musicians have held and still hold high the torch of rock québécois francophone. This week, Raphaël Gendron-Martin and Cédric Bélanger were given the mission of you stripping the ears by selecting a few of their songs rock favorite here, yesterday and today. Hold on to your headphones, are part.

Destroy, Marmots Flattened



(Cédric Bélanger) Raphael I decided you complete starting. In less than two minutes, the all-too-ephemeral Marmots, in the more punk traditions, will give you want you throw against a wall, shouting “Destroy” your lungs! It is ferociously youthful, I concede, but cursed that it has been a while.

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The hunting season is open, Vulgar Stuff



The Vulgar Stuff

(Raphael Gendron-Martin) It is the first, it! Agree, stay in the punk with one of the groups flagship of this kind in Québec : the Vulgar Stuff. I could of course name the excellent From the body, on the album of the same name, but I want to go with the great coolness that is The hunting season is open. Difficult to adhere to the social distancing in listening to this piece!

To listen to the same artist : From the body, to Annihilate the dogma

Ingurgitus, Groovy Aardvark



(CB) Same problem selective here. What to choose in the catalog of Groovy? The hardcore rigodon Drink April? The interrogative Y a tu kelkun? I opted for Ingurgitus, vocal effort collective to the chorus that I love : “the cheque, the cheque, the cheque is in the mail, the cheque is returned, enweye to tavarne”.

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Girl to feathers, Malajube




(MGM) I must confess that this song Groovy was very far away in my memories. Let’s continue with the big guns : Malajube. By far the rock band I miss the most currently. And instead of offering the popular Montreal -40 oC or filo Dough, I suggest the song that moved the most of all of their directory : Girl with feathers. It returned to station.

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Big pile of deep shit, GrimSkunk




(CB) During the time that you bifurques in the indie, I go to the branch ska-punk our rock local. Do I really have to explain what to expect with such a title?

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Glu (dripping on me), Zen Bamboo



(RGM) Your suggestions are bathed in nostalgia, let’s say. Instead, I want to bring us back in the present with one of my big favourites of recent weeks : the coin Glu (dripping on me), the young group of the South Shore of Montreal, Zen Bamboo. A piece sweaty, dripping, made – here, here – by Julien Mineau of Malajube. Here, for once, Saint-Lambert is a synonym of rock.

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Figurehead, Guerrilla



(CB) Stubborn as a mule, I keep the cap on the nostalgia and reminds you (or you learn) that Quebec has experienced her current rap-metal, courtesy of the fiercely pro-independence Guerrilla movement, the very definition of a committed group. On the chosen title, which dates from the end of the 1990s, it was pulling to red cannon balls on the populists of the radio.

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Track 1, Galaxy




(MGM) I must confess that I completely missed this current. Good, I’ll bring you back on the right path with those sometimes referred to as “saviors of rock” in the last few years : Galaxy. With Track 1, there was actually something to be reversed by its weight of Olivier Langevin and his colleagues. “Because of you, the sky is like a dancefloor evil…”

To listen to the same artist : the Dragon, Camouflar

Buried alive, Fuudge




(CB) Looking at Raph, I’m not a hopeless case, this song dates back to… 2020. But it has a sweet aroma of good old psychedelic rock with a touch of grunge and stoner (I won’t go out). In addition, Fuudge resurrects here a lost art, that of the fade-out to conclude a song.

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I could not live with you, The Breastfeeders



Les Breastfeeders

(MGM) Whew, I am reassured! Ah, the fade-out… it is true that this process was lost with the years. I continue with the group as an anachronism par excellence : Les Breastfeeders. On I could not live with you, that is on their first album released in 2004, it is satisfied to listen to a group of garage rock taken right from the 1960s with influences of yé-yé.

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Crab, Ghouls



(CB) Nothing represents more bad Quebec the pure, Québec curator, that this band of rockers in the city, with on-board equipment and a production-type “is squatting in the garage with dad”, loose its crazy in a crazy tasty. A crab of pocket, really?

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Gisele, Xavier Caféïne



(MGM) As many Ghouls represent Quebec, as Xavier Caféïne represents Montreal in my eyes. Even if it comes from Gatineau, we could see the rocker each week in the halls and bars of the metropolis, there is a fifteen years. On Gisèle, from the excellent album of the same name, Caféïne was able to crystallize in the mid-2000s in Montreal, where everything still seemed to be enabled.

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Hero or enemy, Oktoplut



(CB) The formula “a guitarist and a drummer that sound as if they were the twelve” became a standard rock Oktoplut operates here with a formidable efficiency. For those who don’t know, Hero or enemy is a door perfect in the universe-heavy-Laurence Frechette and Mathieu Forcier.

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7021, Barasso



(MGM) As a last suggestion, I return to the punk with the underestimated group Barasso. About 7021, the training we used music very effectively inspired by the punk the old school way. The musicians – hockey fans well-known – are clearly not to “go around corners” with this rant rather beefy.

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Bamboula, The Three Agreements



(CB) From my side, I concluded with this title that I had found with a smile because of his pace nervous to the Joy Division, an obvious reference and enjoyable for the fan that I am. It also allows you to add a little bit of star power to my selection.

To listen to the same artist : Year, Night of poetry

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