The Queen of outrageous and plastics: died in USA star reality show

Королева эпатажа и пластики: в США скончалась звезда реалити-шоу

Died in USA the star of the reality show “the Real Housewives of Miami,” Elsa Patton. She was 84 years old. It was called the Queen of outrageous and sacrifice sculpture. The actress and her pursuit of eternal youth told the correspondent of “MIR 24” Maxim Dragnev.

“I’m not psychic, I’m a witch,” said Patton.

Not a witch, but could be. Elsa Patton was once an ordinary woman. And then Botox, scalpel. If only to be beautiful. Rich housewife has decided that plastic surgery will conquer old age and wrinkles. She did a facelift, nose job, eyelids and eyebrows, put fillers in the cheekbones. And scared the suitors of his daughter

She starred in the “Housewives” from 2011 to 2013. Together with her daughter Marisol. The series talked about the luxurious life of the rich ladies from Miami. And after the first season, her desire to upgrade has only grown. In the second season Elsa overdid the lips. Part of her face became fixed, and the Directors could hardly understand the speech.

“This is my boyfriend, and my lover,” – said the woman, introducing the audience to some men.

Of course, Elsa joked. She remained cheerful, loved secular parties, giving interviews. Crippled Elsa the death of her husband, who died in February 18th. Despite this different appearance, they lived for half a century in perfect harmony.