the question would not arise in France?

    the question would not arise in France?

    If you were going to buy yourself a Xiaomi smartphone in 2021 and learned that the brand has followed Apple on the issue of chargers, please don’t jump to conclusions. She could abandon her decision, or at least reserve it only for Chinese customers. Internationally, the next Xiaomi Mi 11 could be delivered automatically with a new charger.

    This is in any case what an unofficial source on Twitter underlines: the leaker @ chunvn8888 explained to have discussed with one of the executives at Xiaomi this week, who announced to him that the announcement effect of the Xiaomi chargers would not be not to be taken into consideration internationally. Perhaps the brand feels that it will be able to carry out such an action in its local market, but that the risks would be higher internationally?

    Note also that Xiaomi does not follow the same strict logic of Apple, and still offers the charger as a free option. Xiaomi’s press release said:

    “#Xiaomi will offer two versions, one with smartphone only, and the other with smartphone and a separate 55W GaN charger as a bundle, both at the same price.”

    A 55W charger, free

    If the information is confirmed with Xiaomi France, then future French customers of the Mi 11 will receive a 55W charger in the product packaging. Unlike China, then it will not be possible to ask not to receive the accessory and make a gesture for the planet.

    Since his announcement on Weibo, the CEO of Xiaomi Lei Jun has been relayed by all the world press. It must be said that by revealing a competitor of the i#Phone 12 without a charger in the packaging, Xiaomi drew a direct comparison with Apple, a pioneer in this “ecological” strategy.

    Now, Xiaomi’s line won’t be as tough as Apple’s. The transition will be smoother, will benefit Xiaomi as it will also benefit the customer, free to make their own decision without overcharging. We will closely follow the official announcement for the French market, to confirm or not the above rumors.

    For the moment, Xiaomi France has not revealed the release date of its latest flagship. The smartphone is well and truly expected (the Mi 10 series had been marketed in France) and un tweet of December 28 of the official account of Xiaomi France had something to be clear: they are ready.

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