The quiet strength

It is telling that, until now, the candidate for the leadership of the Parti québécois, which feeds the less the conversation is the most experienced, the only one to be a deputy and the first to have announced his intentions.

Within the PQ Sylvain Gaudreault has always been a safe value. It organizes and wins in his constituency, then he is in charge of its records. When Pauline Marois has entrusted to him the daunting task of directing two huge departments, it has not done very well, demonstrating rigour and integrity to any event.

He is the sole holder recent Transport not to have taken the heat for the scandal, but because it conflicted with the vision of sustainable mobility that he wore.


Some say Bernie Sanders than what is most remarkable about him is the consistency with which he defends the word almost the same ideas since the beginning of his political commitment. You can say the same thing of Sylvain Gaudreault.

He was talking about the environment long before this issue is at the center of the news. He spoke of social justice and equity well before the PQ is concerned, Québec solidaire. These questions are at the centre of its concerns and it will never change.


It is said to be lukewarm on issues of identity, and this is not fake. He understands why people find it important, but he sees the issues more urgent. This pragmatic does not play to the race a referendum in this race, but he is the one who, so far, develops the understanding of how to use the software sovereigntist, to draw up the balance sheet of the nationalism of François Legault.

We should expect nothing spectacular campaign of this raquetteur resolved. There are, however, in the constancy of the traces that he left the demonstration of a quiet strength that the activists would be wrong to ignore.

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