The rain and the storm: forecasters warned of Muscovites about the worsening weather

Дожди и грозы: синоптики предупредили москвичей об ухудшении погоды

Cloudy weather with clearings, rain, and sometimes thunderstorms are expected in the Moscow region on Thursday, according to the website of the Hydrometcenter of Russia.

Afternoon in Moscow air warms from 21 to 23 degrees Celsius at night the temperature drops to 9 degrees (in the city centre 12-14 degrees Celsius). In Moscow, daytime temperatures will range from 19 to 24 degrees, at night the thermometer will show 6-11 degrees above zero.

In the capital region Thursday afternoon it is expected the Western wind speed is 5-10 m/s, during the thunderstorm gusts could reach 17 m/s. at Night the wind direction changes to North-Eastern and Eastern, speed will not exceed 10 m/s. Chance of precipitation will remain. The atmospheric pressure will be about 740 mm Hg.

At the end of the week in Moscow is expected to 21-23 degrees, will pass storm rains. On the night of 24 may, the air warms up to 9-11 degrees, in the afternoon 19-21 degrees Celsius, no rain.

Due to forecasted strong winds in Moscow may 23, residents are encouraged not to leave the car near the trees and large structures.

The day before, the temperature in Moscow may 22, peaked with the start of the year Wednesday, 22 may, the temperature reached 26.4 degrees which was the highest value since the beginning of 2019. The absolute maximum temperature of the day may 22, recorded in 1897 and 30.5 degrees.