The rampage tennis

God as my friend Eugene Lapierre must feel bad now. It is a real rampage within Tennis Canada, he was obliged to do with the big bosses of the canadian tennis in the last few days.

Dozens of employees that loved their jobs find themselves unemployed and will go to swell the pensioners of Justin. Our thoughts must go to them first. It is a very great hardship that they must overcome. He will have to continue to pay the rent, the rental of the self, the food of the children and other expenses which were still normal five weeks ago.

Status more precarious

Even the privileged that are Stéphane Bruneau and Guillaume Marx, the coaches of Bianca Andreescu and Félix Auger-Aliassime, must pay a price to keep their jobs. The two were paid for by Tennis Canada and, in doing so, they enjoyed a freedom of action unmatched in tennis. In the future, what are Bianca and Felix who will pay their salaries.

I hope that both coaches are going to feel as free to exercise moral authority, but the danger is now here. The ” one who country the bill calls the shots. “The one who pays the salary decides how it will happen, is a translation that is suitable.

IN THE NOTEBOOK | The would you believe, Samuel Girard, of the Colorado Avalanche, great player pockets before the Lord, has contacted Marc Lajoie, the commissioner of the national Association of pockets. (ANP). Its agent André Ruel has even submitted a video showing the exploits of gargantuan Samuel with a pocket in the hand. It follows the folder. Gargantua was obviously a character a little Captain Man of Rabelais.

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