The ranking of the most amazingly-awesome wives Zodiac Signs

Рейтинг самых изумительно-обалденных жен по Знакам Зодиака

12th place — Scorpio

Incredibly attractive, staggeringly intelligent and breathtakingly beautiful lady Scorpion — the worst wife in the world.

Because to marry a Scorpio — it means to sell themselves into slavery. Of course, to serve such a beautiful mistress and even somewhat honorable, but there is one problem: while you will get used to its complicated nature and learn to Dodge the flash of blows, will have time to make the baldness, erectile dysfunction and old age pension. And it is here that she will change you into a sultry thirty macho with vooot such a mustache.

11th place — Fish

To marry a Fish — the same thing to have a catin the house will live a very beautiful creature would ever look at you as a fragrant unfortunate result of a long process of digestion.

While Fish cost far more cats, and here’s the good bring the same: sometimes, if the Fish deigns to dwell in a good mood, it will be possible to take the pen and a little squeeze. Maybe she even pourchet. And purring is an acquired taste, like hard drugs: the first time and forever. Because even if you get off the needles, life will still be empty and meaningless. Great, right?

10th place — Leo

Wife-a showcase and exhibition of achievements of national economy. If the economy has turned out not to karatnik in each ear of a Lioness and a couple of carats on her ring finger — down the drain: heavy clawed paw hit on this very farm.

A lot of pain. And, even worse, irreversible. In the sense that to divorce Lioness still does not work: theoretically, of course, possible, almost — all the other women after he married the Lioness seem to be pale copies of living people. And for the other Lionesses someone now too poor, ha ha.

9 — Sagittarius

The wife of Satan. Warns that her husband does not need anything but his immortal soul, but her, be kind, leave in the undivided use.

Not that Sagittarius is very interested in this soul takes place, just seek assurances for the future. And future together in understanding Sagittarius is the following: as she says — so be it. Always. Otherwise — here is the clause in the contract — you burn forever in hell. Forever!

8 — Gemini

Gemini — a dangerous wife.

There are women with whom a man sees himself as a great hero, there are women with whom a man feels himself a failure, and there are young ladies-Twins. They know who he really is. Pretending to be useless: the Twins look to the essence, fed from the hands of domestic beasts, scratching them behind the ear and allowed on the sofa. The problem is that really few people are willing to become acquainted with their inner monsters. And have.

7th place — Aries

Everyone knows that to live with the Aries — it’s like sitting on a volcano, but few people really understand, for what it is worth to risk that precious seat.

And we know, in a flame of temper of the Aries can be any metal chock to heat, beat a little and then harden and then get some thing beautiful and useful at the farm. In fact, about what happens with the husbands of Rams, and they are generally very happy with it. Every one of them. Unhappy with the Rams Chermet pass to the smelter.

6th place — Libra

To marry on the Scales — on all sides profitable venture: on the one hand, this is the “real woman”, the dream of all men: soft, gentle and compliant girl, beautiful, though somewhat nervous hostess, a skilled the best way, smart, beautiful and sexy thing.

In those days, when the Scales inclined to goodness and joy. Which, frankly, does not happen often. The rest of the time devote Libra tantrums, misery, scandals, sobbing and eating other people’s brains teaspoon. But it also makes a very, very beautiful.

5th place — Virgo

Five of the best wives opens virgin — not so much the wife’s best friend and ally.

Virgo is convinced that the husband and wife should not look at each other, and to one side, and the one that the virgin would choose. So to be the husband of the virgin, on the one hand, very advantageous is how to be an alpha male in a wolf pack: the leader, of course, is not you, but the she-wolf, but a formal status you have available. If you’re not a sheep in wolf’s clothing. Check yourself in “prorogate” is very simple: if the astute maiden, seeing the ring, immediately said “Yes” and stated that she “should think” — you’re still a sheep. Run, bro. Quickly run.

4th place — Taurus

An honorable fourth place goes to the Calf — the woman should get married if you’re funny beggar dolt.

Because the Taurus is a gift — to grow from the poor gouging for successful gouging, but the gaiety, as a rule, somewhere lost. So to marry the Body is necessary, if you think that plate flying at your head is a lot of fun. Yes, three thousand five hundred and eighteenth time just as fun as the first.

3rd place — Capricorn

Completing the top three Ibex — women who know the recipe of family happiness.

Elementary, My Dear Watson! The perfect man must marry the perfect woman, nothing could be easier, right? So married Capricorns go, using common sense and good judgment, not some kind of mythical love. And then live with my perfect husband in love and harmony, till death do them part. Criteria of perfection we seem to not give: who is the Capricorn will choose — they can look in the mirror, and the rest do not need to know such terrible things. To sleep then don’t.

2nd place — Aquarius

Second place goes to Aquarius — and that’s only because Aquarians don’t like to be the first: something to strive for, then, huh?

Wife-Aquarius — almost mythical woman, the main character man’s dreams: forever young (ninety Aquarians know how to giggle as a freshman); eternally beautiful, because the temperament of Aquarius-time timeless; forever awesome because Aquarius will always live my life with my husband and will never live it one. The problem here is only one: you seven pairs of iron boots will real grind, bro, while you’re following her around and whining: “marry me, please!”

1st place — Cancer

Lady-Cancer is not so easy to persuade him into marriage, but if failed it will show itself in all its glory: she and clever, and beautiful, and the hostess.

Is leads home perfectly nurtures the children, is friends with her husband’s relatives. Always support a loved one, you always please everyone. Because family is important. Most importantly, she said! And who will neglect their family responsibilities, that she will take a steel claw for some place. And then, of course, could be pitied, not married to any Scorpions, but… should be spared. Klats-klats.

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