The rating signs of the Zodiac, from the good to these bastards

Рейтинг знаков Зодиака : от самых добрых до настоящих сволочей

1. Gemini

Just a good girl. Twins are able to accept people with all their shortcomings and always ready to give second chance to those who want to improve. Always ready to help.

2. Leo

Good like a baby. Leo always believes the best and tries to see the good in people. If the lion loves it’s forever.

3. Libra

Very loving and always willing to help anyone who needs it. But they often have to deal with my indecision. Libra does not like to discuss the problem. It shows their not the best hand.

4. Sagittarius

Always lives in the present and almost never discouraged. Sagittarius will easily find a way out of difficult situations. It is easy to climb. With Sagittarius are always nice.

5. Fish

Very sensitive people. Always feel other people’s emotions as their own. Their emotions often take the upper hand over them. Because of this, Fish often suffer

6. Aquarius

Always stand up for justice, even if against him will be configured the entire world. But can often change their opinions than confusing others.

7. Cancer

Always very gentle and caring towards your family and friends. Cancers know how to bestow love and always ready to help in difficult moments in life.

8. Taurus

Taurus always tolerant to others and accept them as they are. But Taurus often likes to compare themselves with others and therefore constantly forgets his individuality and originality.

9. Capricorn

Very stubborn. it is almost impossible to convince. There are only two opinions: caserole and wrong. However, for their loved ones Capricorn is ready to break anyone, if you need it.

10. Virgin

Perfectly able to solve even the most complex issues. But to please the virgin is extremely hard. Because of this, the representatives of this sign often neglect the feelings of others.

11. Aries

Quite a bit has not held up to the biggest bastards. The revelation of the RAM can hurt. Aries are always honest, but the truth that he pours out, sometimes it’s too cruel.

12. Scorpio

The strongest in the entire zodiac circle. He always gets what he wants and he doesn’t care about the fact that someone can get hurt. Scorpio is a master at manipulating people. He always thinks more about their interests.

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