The rating signs of the Zodiac from unscrupulous to sissy

Each sign of the Zodiac is inherent in their relation to agriculture.

Рейтинг знаків Зодіаку від неохайних до чистоплюїв

For some, more important than the purity, for others atmosphere. Besides, if people live together, they tend more to keep order than when they live alone. We decided to find out if any of the zodiacal cycle Sluts. But do not forget that the messy person does not do the planets in the constellations. Thus, the ranking of the Zodiac signs from unscrupulous to sissy, informs Rus.Media.


Creative or working disorder for Aquarius the norm – as long as it’s his mess. It may seem that his house is full of strange stuff, but you just don’t understand fascinating and unusual nature of Aquarius. To do household chores “because they have” Aquarius will not. However, he is inclined to periodically change and may move to the trash all your trash along with the old worldview.


May not pay attention to the mess. Does not tolerate when he is asked or even forced to do household chores. Arrow interested in higher or at least more fun and interesting things. Creative chaos quite satisfied with it. However, occasionally he realizes that this cannot continue, and it comes down to cleaning.


Creative sign for which the atmosphere and look of things are of paramount importance. Leo probably will repaint the house walls and buy some stylish furniture than to scrub floors every day. Here on mood. Amateur public endorsement of the Leo turns into a neat, if offers.


Something untidy, something neat. The stability and maintenance of order in everything and always – this is a rare occurrence for Twins. This sign is hardly focuses on a single process, likes to switch from one to another. People with strong Gemini in the horoscope can easily succumb to the impulse to restore order, but, barely begun, could meet to get distracted by other things.


Loves order, but more in a global sense. Neat, looks neat, supports visual things, but lacks attention to detail. A Capricorn woman is more economic and clean, and men sometimes can completely neglect the cleanliness of the environment. But the Capricorn is able to discipline myself and train to clean – it is easier to do than others.


Likes to live in clean and tidy, but not pedantic. Routine household chores not interested in him, but if disorder becomes excessive and begins to annoy Aries “flashes”, picks General cleaning along and fixes everything. And so on until the next “attack”.


Or still hiding in the corners, or cleans every corner. To clean up the rubble in closets, totally explore every nook and cranny and get rid of unnecessary things and debris – in the spirit of a Scorpion. But sometimes the opposite option is to hide all the strange far away and create a semblance of order.


Sensitive to external environment sign, but does not like routine chores. Libra will gladly take care of personal hygiene and clean clothes, but household chores they are burdened. Most likely, the Scale will to keep the Golden mean in this question: the order – because it is necessary, but without perfectionism.


Likes everything in its place. However, this sign tend to accumulate things and can be very much. To get rid dear to the heart of junk a Calf is not easy. In a beautiful intimate setting Taurus will be more willing to maintain order, but the chaos can get the hump and be lazy.


Doing things in order to “meditate” and to break away from their thoughts and feelings – if you have a special mood. Traditionally, it is a creative unearthly nature, and material order for them in this case – is a secondary matter. But Fish important beauty and harmony of the environment and cleaning – the right tool to create this atmosphere.


It is a symbol of hearth and home. Cancers love their home and spend in it a lot of time, including the ads. Comfort, peace, safety and purity – a prerequisite for the existence of this sign. Home soothe Cancer especially women of this sign. They are not fanatical Chistopol – rather, sincere hostess.


A paradoxical character in terms of its relationship to purity. The virgin is often the two extremes: either she’s painfully cleans and organizes the space around itself and comes to fanaticism, or even clog on the purity more than others. In this chaos it feels very bad. Virgin may fail when the confusion passed all bounds, until, until you find the strength to fix it.