The real reason why there is a lump in my throat when You’re about to cry

When you are trying to hold back tears, throat muscles are literally fighting each other.

Справжня причина того, чому виникає комок у горлі, коли Ви збираєтесь заплакати

Perhaps it’s due to stress. Perhaps this is due to the fact that you hate to do something, or someone forced you to watch the saddest movie of all time. Whatever the reason, we are all familiar with the lump, which occurs in the back of our throat, when we are experiencing certain emotions. Usually, this happens when we experience strong emotions, but try to hold back the tears that could lead to such an amazing effect.

So, what causes this feeling? There are certain emotions which can spontaneously lead to the fact that a piece of cloth rises in your throat, and then decreases when those feelings are gone, informs Rus.Media.

And it’s true, according to science. What you feel, it’s not really a ball, and feeling the opposite of the muscles in your throat, particularly the larynx and crevices between your vocal chords, which work against each other. We all know this state as the lump in her throat.

To understand how this works, let’s talk about the nervous system. Part of the nervous system that deals with stress is the autonomic nervous system, which controls the body’s response in fighting or in flight. During stress, the body requires increased oxygen flow to the muscles that need it. To do this, we begin to breathe faster, and the glottis expands to inhale more air. But tensions also force us to swallow or to hold your breath, we cried. The problem is that these actions require closure of the glottis and the cancellation of other muscles. Because different muscles are trying to open or close the glottis at the same time, the result of this struggle is the feeling like you swallowed a Golf ball.

In addition to the fact that suppressing tears raises a lump in the throat, crying strengthens your body and mind. In addition, having cried, you just feel better, so don’t hesitate to produce a few tears.