The reason for another of the Odessa tragedy – the degradation of all

The state increasingly resembles a circle of Amateur performances

Причина очередной одесской трагедии - деградация всего

In General, as I wrote – degradation.

The fire originated from electric.

The fact that the building (according to students) or not heated at all, or so stoked that we can assume that we do not drown. Why? And because the heat is expensive, need to save. But people cold and people bring heaters. I mean, out of the house. Clear cheap shit.

Plus: the network in the building was repaired under Brezhnev. The state of – you know. And then there is such a load they were never designed (under Brezhnev, you know, I never thought that heat with electricity would be cheaper).

Plus: fire alarm, if there was, it didn’t work. This is after the “Victoria” when so many spoke about the need to check the availability of an alarm anywhere and everywhere. And tested in fact, SSES really ran on the field was ladomirova all right and wrong, threatened to close companies and it that’s all. Run – ran, and the results – where?

And you know, that situation when it’s unclear what’s missing. Everything has rotted to such an extent that patches no place to put one hole. The government does not work as a state, and more resembles the circle of independent activity in the school for mentally retarded teenagers with criminal tendencies. That’s the trouble.
Yuri Tkachev

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