The reason why specialists have not all been able to help

Pourquoi les spécialistes n’ont pas tous pu aider

Scheduling conflict, fear of spreading the virus in other regions, lack of qualifications or a risk of breakage of services. The reasons are many for which the majority of doctors specialists claimed by François Legault have not been able to go lend a hand in a CHSLD.

Last week, François Legault, said hope 1000 specialists to do the work of nurses or attendants in accommodation centres. Even if 2300 raised their hand, most were not able to be reassigned. Several have not even been called. Our Bureau of investigation met with four of them.

Dr Jean Palardy, endocrinologist

Dr. Jean Palardy ( left) has swapped his lab coat for an endocrinologist to become a coach in the prevention of infections in a CHSLD de Laval. “I’ve been a bit lucky. There are those that do anything in a CHSLD as a result of the toilet. It has not been trained for it, ” he says. It took three days before it is called by the CISSS de Laval, where he is already working. His job is to train the employees to be dispatched as reinforcements on the best practices in order to not contaminate.

Dr Francis Evoy, neurologist

After the applicant applied, Dr. Francois Evoy realized that this could put at risk the department he heads at the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke. “Before you do the housework in a ltc facility, a hospital to “take care of”, he said. On the 14 members of his team, three were 70 years and older and are, therefore, excluded from office. They also need to be present for emergencies or for follow up in outpatient clinic. Result, only five could help, but not all at the same time. And if some of these become contaminated, there is a risk of interruption of services. Already yesterday, the department had to assist at the Centre hospitalier de Trois-Rivières, where a doctor was sick.

Dr Patrick Chagnon, internist

Specialist in internal medicine in Victoriaville, Dr. Patrick Chagnon has offered his help. His CISSS has probed to see if he was available for four or seven days in a row. And then nothing more. He does not understand that he was asked to go to lend a strong hand to the outside so that we request to restrict travel between regions. He also believed that the quarantine after a stay in NURSING homes is not clear and he feared to expose the patients back.

Dr Jean-François Latulippe, surgeon

Called the day before, Dr. Latulippe spent the evening of Saturday, the CHSLD Pierre-Joseph-Triest in Montreal. It distributed medicines to the patients as a nursing assistant and he will return there next Saturday. “It was pretty demanding. Fortunately, there were three attendants who helped us, ” he said. The surgeon said that one of his colleagues who made the oncology was not able to go to NURSING homes because it would put too much of a risk to his patients at the Hospital Maisonneuve-Rosemont.

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