The reasons behind the worst season of Patrick Roy

Les raisons derrière la pire saison de Patrick Roy

Patrick Roy had the worst regular season of his career during the campaign of 1992-1993. However, his performance inspired in the playoffs that helped the Montreal canadiens win the Stanley cup in the spring of 1993.

In fact, Roy had kept a record of 31-25-5 with an average goals allowed of 3.20 and an efficiency rate of ,894. In the course of his career, the number 33 has maintained an average above a 3.00 only twice (1985-1986 and 1992-1993) and an efficiency rate of less than 900 three times (1985-1986, 1986-1987 and 1992-1993).

So, what happened to the season of Roy and the Habs take a 180 degree turn?

“You may have noticed in the first two games against the Nordiques, Patrick was not at his best, said his father, Michel, and author of his biography “The Warrior,” on Tuesday, upon the issuance JiC on TVA Sports. There was a reason for it.

“His confidence was at the lowest level. He had just been through the 1992-1993 nba season, which was the worst season of his career in the national hockey League. And there was a combination of three factors that explained this very poor season. First, before the 1992-1993 nba season, Patrick had signed a contract with the company Koho, who undertook to provide him with all of his gear in the colors of the Canadian, including the leggings, said the father. Patrick hesitated a lot because he loved the leggings that Michel and Patrick Lefebvre himself made for years; it was comfortable. But he accepted it because he thought that Lefebvre would join Koho in the coming months.

“He has never been comfortable with these leggings any season 1992-1993. And it was hindered in its performance.”

Then, the CH had a new coach for the 1992-1993 nba season, Jacques Demers.

“The second reason is that Jacques Demers was in his first year as coach of the Canadian, and on the staff of the team had given him as a mission to have a style of offensive play, to change the culture of the team and put the emphasis on the offensive to give a better show to the spectators of the Forum, recalled Roy. And to help him in his approach, Serge Savard had entered into exchanges where he went to seek it out (Vincent) Damphousse and (Brian) Bellows, two excellent counters at this time. You will understand that when the focus is on the offensive, it puts much more pressure on the defensive. And it is obvious that the statistics of the goalkeepers may not be as good.”

Rumors of exchange

The third factor is probably what has most hurt by Roy during this historic campaign.

“At the beginning of the 1992-1993 nba season, the company’s Upper Deck, with the manufacture of cards of hockey, had launched a campaign of the lining of the most of the billboards which said: “Trade Roy”, said the 78 year-old man. During the season, spectators who were not satisfied with the performance of Patrick, who felt that his performance was not what it should be, took this slogan as a confirmation of what they thought already.

The Journal de Montreal has done a survey in the month of January and 57 % of the people who were surveyed were of the opinion that Patrick should be exchanged. It has led to several rumors of exchange. And it happened most of the time at the Montreal Forum, Patrick was booed by the crowd who would chant: “Racicot! Racicot! Racicot!”, who was his deputy.”

The supporters were quick to forgive everything to “Casseau” after the 24th conquest of the Stanley cup team in June 1993 in the face of the Los Angeles Kings.

The channel TVA Sports broadcasts the series finale, which ends Saturday, the fifth and last game between the two teams.

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