The Red and Gold defeated the Carabins 25-22 Cup Dunsmore

Photo: Jacques Boissinot The canadian Press
For the Red and Gold, this is a second cup Dunsmore in a row, 13th in 15 years.

Quebec — The Red and Gold of the University Laval has scored 22 points in the first half, Saturday, winning finally the cup Dunsmore 25-22 in the face of the Carabins of the University of Montreal, Quebec.


The visitors were full-bodied things with 50 seconds remaining, thanks to a receipt for pay of seven yards to Kevin Kaya. The transformation of two points has been successful.


On the kicked the short that followed, which jumped very high, Kaya has extended the arm to touch the ball near the side line, allowing Montreal to keep the ball. But confined to the middle of the field by punishment, and in the short time, the Carabins have not been able to do more damage.


For the Red and Gold, this is a second cup Dunsmore in a row, 13th in 15 years.


Next Saturday, the troupe de Glen Constantin will be measured at the University of British Columbia or the University of Calgary, on the occasion of the cup Mitchell. This game will take place in the West.


The ultimate goal : the Vanier Cup, which will be presented at Tim Hortons Field in Hamilton on November 25.


The crowd favorites have taken the lead after about five minutes of the game, Marc-Antoine Pivin catching a touchdown of 26 yards from Hugo Richard.


Pivin was covered closely by Jordan Perrin, but he was beaten for speed. Pivin has been limited to four games because of injury this season.


The UdeM has leveled soon after, after losing the ball to the quarterback Vincent Alarie-Tardif. Brian Harelimana has entered and traveled 38 yards, up in a paying zone.


The Carabins have then taken a simple, before committing to a reversal.


Mathieu Betts of the Red and Gold made to lose the ball to the quarterback Samuel Caron, and he has completed a placement of 29 yards by David Side. So it was 10-8 Red and Gold, with 1:44 to play in the first quarter.


In the beginning of the second quarter, after a penalty, the Carabins have chosen to concede the ball to safety. The Red and Gold saw its lead improved to 12-8.


Université Laval has struck again a few minutes later, when Benoit Gagnon-Brousseau has recorded a touchdown of six yards of Richard.


With 9:12 on the clock in the first half, an investment of 37 yards of Side focused ahead of the local club to 22-8.


The Carabins have given sign of life at the very end of the first half. Caron has joined Guillaume Package on 39-yard and a few games later, the placement of a 16-yard Louis-Philippe Simoneau yards has decreased the priority of the Red and Gold to 22-11. All of this has led to an investment opportunity missed Aside, from 37 yards.


The men of Danny Maciocia has been sentenced to 66 yards of penalties in the first half.


It was thought that the Red and Gold had a blow hard at the end of third quarter : Pivin caught a long pass from Richard and went to the end zone, a play of 66 yards. But it didn’t count, of Laval who have committed the obstruction.


The only point of the third quarter were the placement of 44 yards of Simoneau, with 1:29 to play in the engagement.


Betts has a successful bag important with five minutes elapsed in the last quarter, forcing the Carabins to clear. It was his second bag of the encounter.


Midway in the fourth quarter, Gabriel Ouellet has halted the rise in montreal with an interception at the line 23 of the Carabins. The ball has shifted, before landing in his hands.


Side gave a margin a little more comfortable to own with a placement of 34 yards, with 1:38 on the clock in the game. It was 25-14 in favor of the Red and Gold. The Carabins have dearly sold their skin, but in the end, it is the Red and Gold will have the chance to access the canadian championship match.

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