The red-haired people, scientists have discovered superpowers

In the society of red-haired people has always been considered unusual, and finally, scientists can confirm this.

У рудоволосих людей вчені виявили суперсилу

Many celebrities blessed with ginger hair: Prince Harry, Jessica Chastain, ed Sheeran and many others. Some people find it extremely sexy, while others criticize, informs Rus.Media.

Recently Erin La Rosa published his book called “the Big book of ore: inside the secret society red” in which she talks about red haired people.

In the book, the author suggests that natural red color – unique, but his owners should be proud of. In addition, she also said that, in fact, there are some biological advantages and benefits that you “ginger”.

In the same book, the author describes many interesting facts associated with red hair.

And now the most important advantage of red – they can deal with pain much more effectively than people with other hair color. This is the result of mutations of the gene MC1R.

A study conducted by McGill University, showed and even proved that people who are natural redheads, 25% easier to tolerate pain than people with other hair color.

During the study it was also found that red-haired people are more sensitive to temperature changes. They are one of the first to know, soon will come the cold.