The regional development Ministry has approved the use of led light bulbs

Officials cite the economy and civil service.

Мінрегіонрозвитку дозволило використовувати діодні лампочки

In Ukraine finally allowed to use the diode lamps. Officials recently approved an updated state building codes, which finally turned saving bulbs in the list of legitimate and legal sources of light indoors, reported on the website of the Ministry of regional development, informs Rus.Media.

“Today, about 10-20% of the total energy consumed in buildings is wasted from lighting. According to many authors, more precisely from the selection of the right lighting facilities affect their energy efficiency. Of all the countries of Europe that Ukraine has almost the lowest level of efficiency in this matter,” – said the Deputy Minister of regional development Leo Partskhaladze.

In his statement, he also added that until recently, building codes weren’t even spelled out the possibility to use LEDs, which for 10 years all use. So, in fact, the Ministry of regional development and decided to regulate their use along with other ways.

At the same time officials are confident that a purely formal action will contribute to energy savings, significant savings on lighting and increasing civil comfort.

In addition, as noted in the Department, the new rules allowed for the use of photoluminescent signs (emergency exit signs, etc.) in the event of evacuation of people in emergency situations.